Computer Science As A Career Choice


Computer science, information systems, and information technology all have a crucial role to play in the production of new knowledge. They are not just aids to research; they are themselves areas of inquiry that can be pursued with rigor and imagination.


What is computer science?

It's common to think of computer science as being all about computers and programming, but the study of computer science includes a variety of topics in addition to just coding. Computer science also involves theoretical concepts like algorithms, graph theory and information theory as well as practical applications in areas like databases, artificial intelligence and graphics.

At its most basic level, computer science involves working with algorithms (instructions for completing tasks) that can be expressed in any language that the computer can understand. Computers store and retrieve data from their memory using algorithms, so there are always new solutions to be discovered when it comes to managing this data effectively.

Computer scientists commonly work on programs and applications which are designed to perform specific tasks on a computer or other device. The field covers a range of topics from theoretical studies of algorithms, computation and information to the practical issues of implementing computing systems in hardware and software.

Information systems is a field that focuses on the effective use of technology by businesses. It takes into account the collection of data from various sources, storage and processing capabilities, and dissemination of useful information for decision-making purposes. Information technology is an umbrella term that encompasses all aspects related to computerised systems: networking, programming languages, databases and software engineering.

Computer scientists are problem solvers; who apply technology to solve real world problems. 

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