Ace Your Interviews

Follow these tips and remain cool under pressure the next time you are asked to attend an interview.

Here are a few interview tips

Be positive

If you go into the interview room with a positive mind set you are more likely to be relaxed and succeed.

Remain calm

Of course preparation is still the most important aspect of the interviewing process. There’s nothing like preparation for making interviews go better, for giving you confidence and relaxing your nerves. Excessive nervousness before an interview may be a sign that you are poorly prepared.

Do your research

Do your research, know the job, know the company, know yourself and the people that are interviewing you. 

Be aware of your body language

Applicants should be cognisant of their body language and presentation. Lean forward, smile, make eye contact and be sure to shake everyone’s hand with a firm handshake. Shaking hands with the interviewer will set the tone for the rest of the interview. 

Ask questions

Ask questions, however not in the conventional way. Ask questions for clarification during the interview. Questions like ‘is that what you mean’ or ‘did I answer that question in full’ or ‘what have you found to be effective when this situation has occurred’ are good examples. 

Wrap up

Wrap up the interview by obtaining feedback. Ask how well you did and confirm that you’ve answered all their questions and that they have no objections. Reiterate your interest in the position and conclude with a brief summary of your qualifications and why you are the best person for the job.


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