3 Unreasonable Requirements on Job Posts


Most of us have been through the phase of job hunting and it is not easy. What makes it worse is finding a job post you feel you would excel in only to see a ridiculous "must have" that makes it impossible for you to apply. This can be disappointing because you know you can do your best and be successful in the role.

3 Unreasonable Requirements on Job Posts

These ridiculous must haves usually seem to exclude certain people who actually do deserve this opportunity. Here is a list of some of the most ridiculous 'must haves' I've come across while job hunting. 

#1: Must have own car

I have seen this many times while looking at internships and entry level job posts. I am always astonished by this requirement not because it is outrageous on its own. What shocks me is the stipend they offer to pay is as little as R2000 per month.

Firstly, not even someone fresh out of university can live off R2000 a month. It is already a crime to want to pay someone so little when you are going to work them to the bone. You also expect them to have a car and maintain it with R2K? How would they pay for their installment and petrol when the stipend you are giving them barely covers their basic human needs?

Honestly the job description should have said "We are looking for someone rich who just needs this job because they are bored". This makes more sense because those of us who are still trying to build ourselves cannot afford to maintain having a car with so little a salary. 

#2: Must speak English as a first language

South Africa is a diverse country with most people speaking English as a second or third language. Although we don't speak English as a first language, we have learned to speak and write it as fluently as we speak our own languages. It is therefore sad knowing that the only reason you can't get the job is that English is not your first language.

The people who commonly speak English as a first language in South Africa are white.

With a sinking feeling I start to suspect that "Must speak English as a first language" is a polite term for "Only white people must apply". A lot of groups in South Africa who are otherwise qualified to do the job are excluded. This kind of prerequisite is disappointing and slows down the progress of our rainbow nation. 

#3: Must have previous experience in the field

We have been told that an internship will give you the experience you need to get into the workforce. People apply for the internship expecting to gain that experience.

But some internships require you to have years of experience before applying.

I often wonder: if you cannot get an internship because you lack experience, where do you then go to get this experience? This narrows the chance of many young people from getting employment. The youth then work in sectors they never thought they'd work in and are completely derailed from their dreams.

If the job requires you to have many years of work experience in order to be accepted into the internship, perhaps it should not be labelled as an internship.


South Africa is a country with one of the highest rates of unemployment in the world. Having job requirements that exclude people who would otherwise perform well in a role adds to this problem. It is both a loss to the employer and the people out there who would have contributed greatly within the company without having any of these requirements. 



Article by Siyanda Mbuzo                                         





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