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Do you know what employers look for when deciding to hire you? Below are some of the areas that inform employers' decisions when hiring someone.

Physical appearance and presentation:

Neat dress, speaking clearly and confidently and positively.


Present your ideas and abilities confidently. Confident people are assumed to be able to take important decisions when they need to and are more independent.


Your level of maturity is also taken into account. Are you stable, cooperative and reliable? And what is your motivation?


Your education should relate to the job that you are applying for. You will be rated highly if your subjects are suited for the job or if are interested in continuing your studies while working.

Work history:

If you have been working before, in temporary jobs or others, it will help you in your application. Employers are interested in people who know the world of work.

What do you have to offer?:

Don’t think that you do not have to offer anything to an employer if you are just leaving school. Your ability to survive from one day to the next and your participation in a range of activities at home, school, church, and in the community leads to the development of skills and characteristics that employers will be interested in.

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