Becoming An Electrician: Here's What You Need To Know


The trade of electrician is one of the more respected trades in the construction industry. Electrical workers have a very high degree of respect within their industry.

Electricians are tradespeople who install, connect, test and maintain electrical systems for a variety of purposes, such as lighting, climate control, security, communications and electronic controls for machines. The electrician’s role is to ensure that electrical systems are safe, reliable and efficient. This can be carried out on an industrial scale or a domestic one.


Electrical workers are trained to complete tasks that involve working with electricity safely. They must be able to read blueprints and schematic drawings so they can understand how the circuits should be installed. Electricians must also look out for potential hazards associated with electrical devices such as overloaded circuits or short circuits.

Electricians work in just about every industry you can think of, from homes to factories to sports stadiums and power stations.

Electrician jobs

People often think of electricians as workmen who spend their time wiring light switches and outlets, but in reality they do so much more! 

For example, an electrician can design and install a complete home automation system that allows you to control all of your lights and appliances from a single location. Or an electrician could create a new security system for your business that automatically turns on lights when it senses intruders.

A well-trained electrician can do anything that an engineer or computer programmer can do using software to interpret the blueprints or plans. In fact, many people don't realize that computers are used extensively by electricians. For example, an architect might design a building without any thought of the electrical infrastructure needed to support it – that's where the electrician comes in.

As with other professions where computer skills are important to doing the job well, many electricians have gone back to school for computer training after becoming professionally licensed. The added skills allow them to continue their careers even if there is a shortage in available work.

They spend years studying and training to become proficient in their trade, and they go through rigorous tests to receive certification as electricians. The biggest perk is that electricians can work in almost any field that they choose to specialise in; they can go into business for themselves or they can find jobs at companies, factories and construction sites around the world.

However, all of this comes with an important caveat: an electrician's work is not for everyone. Electricians need to have some basic knowledge of how electricity works, how to read blueprints and how to use specialized tools. In addition, electricians may work long hours and be called out in the middle of the night for emergency repairs. An electrician's pay is high, but so is the cost of education and certification.




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