Academy of Digital Arts Launches Game Production Incubator to Propel Careers of Young South African Game Developers

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Game Production Incubator Programme 2024, designed to advance the careers of young game developers in South Africa and beyond. This innovative 12-month program, commencing on May 6th, equips participants with the real-world skills necessary to excel in the global gaming industry.

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The Academy of Digital Arts (ADA) is excited to announce the launch of its Game Production Incubator Programme 2024, a unique initiative designed to boost the careers of young game developers in South Africa and internationally.

According to Statista, in 2024 the Video Games market is projected to reach a revenue of US$282.30bn at an expected annual growth rate of 8.76% between 2024 and 2027 the video game industry is an area of huge opportunity. ADA aims to bridge the gap between academic achievements and professional readiness with this intensive 12-month incubator that starts on May 6th by focusing on real-world project experience and skill enhancement.

The incubator will see participants forming a game development team tasked with creating a free-to-play game, set to be published in May 2025. This game will feature a strong African narrative centred on the theme of water as a human right in a futuristic setting.

It will be available on popular game download portals, showcasing the talents and unique perspectives of South African developers to a global audience.

Under the guidance of Lars Espeter, founder of the Game Graphics & Multimedia Entertainment course at ADA and technical consultant at GDoutsourcing, participants will refine their skills in their specific fields of specialisation. Espeter commented:

Being actively involved in international gaming conferences, I’ve witnessed the emerging talent from developing countries. The Game Production Incubator is set to highlight the high quality of work produced in South Africa, aiding in breaking down the barriers these developers face on the global stage.

Workshops covering essential topics such as basic business and legal principles, social media marketing, production management, and advanced programming and graphics will further prepare participants for successful careers. Kay Toelle, Managing Director and Academic Head of ADA, emphasised the quality of their graduates:

Our annual showcases have consistently demonstrated the exceptional talent of our students, who are undoubtedly on par with their international counterparts. This incubator is a significant step toward enhancing the visibility and employability of our alumni worldwide.

The program is open to graduates from similar educational programs from other institutions, fostering a diverse and dynamic learning environment.

Applications for the Game Production Incubator are now open and can be accessed at:

As the Academy of Digital Arts prepares to embark on this ambitious project, further announcements and updates will be made available. This initiative marks a significant milestone in ADA's commitment to advancing the South African game and interactive media industry on a global scale.

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