ACT Nyoloha Scholarship Programme 2024


Closing Date
ACT Nyoloha Scholarship Programme
Bursary Details

The ACT Nyoloha Scholarship Programme is an undergraduate scholarship programme aimed at providing opportunities for school leavers to pursue a tertiary qualification in the creative and performing arts.

The programme brings together talented, ambitious young people from across the country and introduces them to the world of professional arts and gives the participants a valuable experience to work with other future artists from different backgrounds.

Candidate Requirements
  • Between the ages of 17 – 25 years old.
  • Currently in Grade 12 OR have university exemption.
  • Need financial assistance to pursue a qualification in performing or visual arts as a South African tertiary/accredited institution, for studies commencing in 2025.
  • Not currently registered at a tertiary institution/accredited institution for the 2024 academic year.
  • Do not have an existing tertiary qualification in an arts/creative discipline from a South African tertiary/accredited institution.
  • Not considered a professional artist – (have specialized training/and or employed full time in their artistic discipline)
  • Not a 2023 ACT Nyoloha Scholarship Programme participant or finalist.
  • Willing and able to commit to the 6-month duration of the programme.
  • A South African citizen.


How to Apply


Applicants will be asked to attach the following to their application form:

  1. ID Copy (front & back)
  2. Previous semester/last academic results
  3. Signed consent form, which can be downloaded here.
  4. Headshot
  5. 1 x Video (Performing Arts) OR 4 x Portfolio pictures (Visual Arts)

Performing Arts (Singing, Dance and Acting)

If applying for the performing arts discipline, please submit a 2 minute video performing in your selected discipline.

(a) Preparation for video submission (singing):

  • Prepare a song of your choice, in any genre, that best showcases your vocal range, technique and overall talent. You may use a backtrack or instruments as back-up.

(b) Preparation for video submission (dance):

  • Prepare a dance/movement piece of your choice, which best showcases your range and talent.

(c) Preparation for video submission (theatre/acting)

  • Prepare a monologue, from Addendum 2, which best showcases your acting range and talent. .
  • Please DO NOT use your own material.
  • Make sure to film in a room with good lighting and a plain background.
  • Ensure to use landscape/horizontal mode.
  • Avoid places with any background noise and do not do your audition in the bathroom or any place where the sound will echo.
  • No parents/legal guardian or teachers are allowed participation in the audition video.
  • Use minimal props for your audition video. You may use a table and chair, and musical instruments (for singing recordings) as part of your props.

Digital/Visual Arts

If applying for the digital/visual arts discipline, please submit the following:

(a) Four different and original pieces of work:

  • 1x portrait
  • 1x landscape
  • 2x original artworks.

(b) The submission must also include:

  • A short bio of 70<100 words.
  • A short artist statement of 70<100 words, detailing reason of creation of artworks in the format and style.

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