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Fields of study: Archeology, Conservation and Preservation, Collections Management, Heritage Resources, Management, Musem Management and Curatorship.

Fields of study: Engineering, Mechanical, Electronic, Computer, Aeronautical, Mechatronic, Industrial

Still paying off your varsity fees? The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has released its latest funding plan to help former students pay off university debts. The processes have been put in place through NSFAS in cooperation with the various public universities nationwide, who are now informing ex-students about this special fund to help them pay off their student debts.


Over R4 billion in loans and bursaries is now available through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) that administers loans and bursaries to eligible students needing help to pay for their studies at public universities and Further Education and Training Colleges in South Africa.

You can apply for a bank loan from your local bank branch and you may also be the winner of a Nissan Micra or an Apple iPad. Apply for a student loan before the 7 April and if you are successful you may also be one of the winners.

Freedom at last! No more uniforms and no more pesky teachers. That’s awesome, but with freedom comes responsibilities.

With the aim of empowering communities, improving lifestyles and producing a competent workforce Eskom is offering previously disadvantaged South African learners the opportunity to receive a bursary to further their studies in the Engineering, Accounting, Commerce, Communications and Human resources fields.

Reaching your academic dreams requires hard work and dedication. Finding the funds to pursue your dreams may not always be easy, especially in these tough economic times. A scholarship is a great way to reach your dreams and feel rewarded and acknowledged for your hard work. The question which may be asked is: what is a scholarship?

Prospective students interested in pursuing a career in agricultural research have been invited to apply for the postgraduate bursaries offered by the Agricultural Research Council (ARC).



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