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Did you know about the HCI Foundation Bursary Programme? It provides financial assistance to academically deserving and financially needy undergraduate students in any field of study, and any year of study, for a first tertiary qualification at either a public University or University of Technology or selected FET Colleges in South Africa.

HCI Foundation gives a partial bursary to deserving students studying at public institutions in South Africa to cover between 66% and 75% of the student’s tuition fees to a maximum of R 18 000 and R 20 000 respectively, depending on a student’s total (gross) family or household income.

How many bursaries does HCI give per year?

HCI gives around 950 bursaries per year.

What are the conditions of an HCI bursary?

HCI does not require bursary recipients to repay their bursaries (except in special circumstances), but it does expect them to plough back by engaging with community projects and reporting back to the HCI Foundation, e.g., tutoring programmes, mentoring programmes, volunteering at an old age home, crèche, etc.

Who qualifies?

A South African citizen or a refugee (with the right to live, study/work in South Africa):

  • age 35 years or under.
  • studying for a first tertiary qualification.
  • enrolled or intending to enroll in full-time course of study.
  • with at least 50% average for Matric or end of year results.
  • studying at a public educational institution registered with the Department of Education, or intending to make an application to study.
  • with a gross family income of less than R20 000 per month.

When to apply?

From 1 August to 15 October of each year.

When does our 2013 bursary application open?

1 August 2012.

Where to apply?

HCI's application is online. Please follow the link www.hcifoundation.co.za. In previous years, hard copy application forms were available. This has changed; there is no longer a hard copy application. You must apply online. Please note that this application form cannot be downloaded; therefore, you are required to reserve sufficient time to complete the application online. However, you can start, stop, save and continue your application during the process.

What does the bursary cover?

The HCI Foundation bursary is a partial bursary that covers only tuition fees. We do not give allowances for living expenses, books, residence, meals or transport.

Please note that we do not pay for repeat years of study or repeat modules.

How and when do we pay?

Payments happen around June of each year. We pay directly into the student’s fee account at the Institutions. We do not pay students directly.

Can the student apply if he/she has got NFSAS loans, other loans or another bursary?

You may still be eligible for an HCI Foundation bursary even if you are recipient of a loan or a partial bursary from elsewhere. Our bursary will then top up the NSFAS loan or other bursary.

However, we will withdraw our bursary if a student is recipient of a full cost bursary or a significantly large partial bursary from another donor. The withdrawn bursary will be allocated to another deserving student.

Students with large partial bursaries and those with full-cost bursaries are required to inform the HCI Foundation of their status or to decline our bursary by sending an email to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Does the Foundation cover postgraduate studies?

The Foundation does not support postgraduate/BTech courses of study (except in case of continuing students).

Does the Foundation assist with internships or employment?

With the large number of bursaries that the Foundation gives annually, we are unable to assist with internships and employment. But we encourage students to stay in touch with us and inform us of their progress. In this way, if any opportunity arises, we can refer the student to the appropriate channels.

Which Institutions does the Foundation fund?

All public Universities and Universities of Technology – except UNISA, as we do not fund distance learning.

At present we fund three FET colleges: White River College, College of Cape Town and Northlink College in Cape Town. These colleges have been selected on the basis of the good working relationship between the administrative offices of these colleges and the HCI Foundation bursary office.

What are the most important pieces of information to have before applying?

  • You must have a working email address.
  • You must have a working cellphone number.
  • You must have a student number or matric exam number.
  • You must have the exact figures of your parents' or guardians' monthly income.

How to apply?

There are 5 steps you will need to complete and a Timeline that you must stick to in order to qualify:


  • If you have applied before, you must login with your existing username and password.
  • If you are a new applicant you must register on the system.


    There are 4 sections that you will be required to complete on the application form:

    • Personal details,
    • Family details,
    • Details of proposed study for the upcoming year,
    • Parents’ employment information.

    At each section in the application process, you are able to save your application, and return to it at a later stage to complete it.


    Please make sure that you click on submit after completing your application. Applications must be submitted before 15 October (by midnight on 15 October the system will close for application).

    Now begin to send in your supporting documents: Copy of ID, proof of family income, proof of grant or affidavit of unemployment. You will be able to submit supporting documents until 30 November.


    Submit your supporting documents before 30 November 2012 by uploading your scanned documents to your application form or send your documents via post or fax.

    If sent by post, your supporting documents should reach us by 30 November 2012. After midnight, no supporting documents will be accepted. Late supporting documents will not be processed and your application will then be incomplete and therefore rejected.

    Now begin to send in your results.


    Your Matric or end-of-year results should be sent to us via email, fax or post and these should reach us before 16 January 2013. If we do not receive your results by 16 January 2013, then your application will be rejected.

    NB: Please note the following:

    • The Foundation will keep you updated on the status of your application. Emails will be sent to you at each review process.
    • Check your email and post and follow our Facebook page and twitter account for updates. Once we have reviewed your application, we will send you a notification to tell you whether you have met our criteria or not.
    • All first year applicants will be shortlisted and only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.
    • If you do NOT meet our criteria, then your bursary application will be rejected.
    • If you do meet our criteria, then your bursary application will go into a pending state.
    • Meeting our criteria is not an absolute guarantee for a bursary.
    • We still have to select students and this is centered on merit and our selection model which is based on targets per province, per Institution, and per year of study.
    • We will make our final selection and notify you that you have received an HCI Foundation bursary by 07 March 2013.
    • If you are awarded a bursary, the HCI Foundation will then contact the institution on your behalf and pay your bursary amount directly to the institution.

    Contact us:

    Tel: 0214246010

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Fax/email: 0862392590

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