Student Loans


A student loan provides an alternative method to cover tertiary costs for students in need of university funding. In South Africa, there are a number of bank branches that offer optimal student loan options.

If you need guidance on how to apply for a student loan at Standard Bank, a student loan at Nedbank or any other student loan in South Africa, you've come to the right place. We can also help you navigate your student loan application, student loan requirements and your student loan online application.


Standard Bank is among many financial institutions that offer student loans, whether you are studying full-time or part-time. Here are a few things you should know about submitting a Standard Bank student loan.


If you need funding for your studies, FNB has student loans of up to R300 000 to help fund your studies. It is important to understand how the financial institution’s repayments work.


If you will be taking a Nedbank student loan, it is important to know that there are two different ways in which you can choose to repay the loan.


If you have ambitions to study further, it is important that you know of alternative ways to fund your education. Should you consider taking out a student loan, it’s important that you are aware of the repayment plan of that particular financial bank.


Many South Africans would like to study and further their education, but most of the time they don't have the financial means to do so. Student loans can help students to gain access to tertiary education institutes. A popular company that offers student loans is Fundi.

Parents often dive into credit cards and personal loans when they aren't able to afford tertiary education tuition fees for their children. A financial guru has given insight on student loans and how are they a better option to fund tertiary studies.

In society today, there are many students that are not fortunate enough to pursue their dreams of studying. One of the many options that are available to students is to apply for a student loan.

Nedbank student loans have helped keep university students in need of financial aid afloat for some time now. Nevertheless, to achieve the opportunity of benefitting from this loan scheme, there are a number of requirements to be met.

Choosing a student loan to fund your studies can be a tough decision to make. However, not everyone will be accepted to receive funding from the government and some people opt to study at private institutions that require more funding than some bursaries are able to cover. Here's when you should start applying for a student loan.


Are you looking to pursue your studies at a tertiary institution but you're struggling to find the funding to do so? Well a student loan from Capitec may help, keep reading to find out more.

If you are looking to pursue further studies at University or College this coming year, a student loan at Standard Bank may be worth considering. Here is what you need in order to qualify for their student loan.

Absa is one of four major banks in South Africa that offer student loans to students who are considering a bank loan as an option to fund their tertiary studies. Here are the requirements students have to meet in order to qualify for a student loan from Absa.  



FNB is one of four major banks in South Africa that offer student loans for those who need alternative ways to fund their tertiary education. The following provides a guide regarding the requirements needed to apply for an FNB student loan.


A student loan provides an alternative method to cover tertiary costs for students in need of university funding. The following reveals what a student who is looking to apply for tertiary loan funding can expect to have covered by their student loan.


Tertiary learning costs can be extremely expensive, but thankfully, there are a number of government funds for disadvantaged students to look into, and a number of bursary options available that apply to different sets of qualifications. However, when neither government nor bursary funding is made available, the student can also pursue a student loan. The following provides a guide for what a student may need when applying for a student loan.


Requesting a student loan is a serious commitment that needs careful consideration. Yes, you are investing in your future or your child’s future, but you should do it wisely. Here’s how you can pay back a Fundi loan.

Cannot get a student loan but you would like to go to college or university? No stress. I have compiled a list of various ways for you to still afford college without needing a student loan.

Fundi, formerly known as Edu-Loan, provides study loans for your educational journey, from elementary education to your undergraduate or postgraduate qualification at tertiary. If you would like to know whether Fundi will pay for your private accommodation, scroll down for answers.

Today we'll be giving you a guide on what Fundi is and how you can apply! Fundi could be the solution to your student fee issues.

If you're funded by Fundi you might want to access you balance statement. Keep reading to find out how to do so. 




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