Who are ISFAP? And what do they do?

Sifanele Biyela, Regional Project Manager at Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme, had a chat with Careers Portal where we gained insight into who they are and what they do. ISFAP provides bursaries so if you're looking for financial aid, this might be for you.


If you're looking for financial aid for your higher education studies, you should look into the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme. During an interview with Careers Portal, Sifanele Biyela, Regional Project Manager at ISFAP, explained who they are and what they do.

ISFAP is a foundation that offers academic and psycho-social support to undergraduate students at their partnered universities.

We love to call it wrap around support. So we don't only offer bursaries to assist the students to progress academically, but we also offer psycho-social support as to when students find it necessary or when a project manager at the University feels it is necessary.

One of ISFAP's aims is to sustainably cater to higher education needs of South Africa's students who come from poor families as well as middle class students. They therefore bridge the gap that is found in missing middle funding.

To qualify for funding through ISFAP, they are looking for students who have household incomes which range from R0 to R600 000 per year.

ISFAP was established in response to the Fees Must Fall Movement and during that time, the then Minister of Higher Education & Training put together a Ministerial Task Team whose job it was to identify operative and funding models to respond to the funding crisis and calls for free education. 

They also hope that this will help the high dropout rates with many students opting out of studying or dropping out due to not being able to pay for their studies. The feeling of not being able to cope has also contributed to this issue.

"If someone is there to give them that psycho-social and counselling support, if necessary, it then reduces the possibility of dropouts so that's how ISFAP came about," explains Biyela.



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