How To Get A 100% Scholarship

Wednesday, 1 December, 2021 - 10:01
Terrique Faro
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Scholarships are awarded to students based on outstanding academic achievements, although some full scholarships are based on financial need rather than academic excellence. If you have got good grades, have a motivational letter to back up your scholarship application, and have a good extracurricular activities resume, you should feel confident in applying for a full scholarship.


It is important to keep your eyes open for any scholarship opportunities. The internet is a great resource for information on scholarships, and you should also check with your high school counsellors and university admissions departments if they are aware of any scholarship opportunities available.

Although full scholarship opportunities are rare, you may be surprised to find that you have a lot more scholarship options than you realise.

Full scholarships are rare and often very competitive, but they are worth the hard work. They provide an opportunity to study without worrying about finances and tuition fees.

Here are some tips to help you find full scholarship opportunities

  • Prepare for the scholarship application. As mentioned, make sure that you support your scholarship application with a great motivational letter, proof of extracurricular activities and a report of the good grades you've achieved.
  • Work hard. Applying for scholarships take time and patience. Although some full scholarships are based on financial need rather than academic excellence, it is good to know your grades are good if they are being evaluated.
  • Look consistently. You can find scholarship opportunities online, at the university you are applying at or you can find out by your high school career guidance counsellor if they know of any options available.
  • Stand out from other applicants. There is so much competition to get a full scholarship, it’s crucial to stand out from the rest of the applicants by demonstrating real commitment to bettering yourself as an individual. 

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