How To Access Your Fundi Allowances

Sunday, 17 January, 2021 - 10:31
Lauren Chawula

If you have been funded by Fundi and have been wondering how to access your Fundi allowances. Keep on reading.  

Fundi is a leading South African Education Finance specialist. They strive to help students achieve their dreams, by covering the costs relating to their tertiary education through education loans.

Fundi provides education loans to students, they cover a range of expenses to enable students to pursue their studies without experiencing the financial burden while doing so.

They finance both private and tertiary institutions for postgraduate qualifications, executive education programmes and MBAs. Fundi provides student loans that cover students' education-related expenses, which include cash and transport allowances. 

If you are funded by Fundi then your cash and transport allowances will be paid via an EFT into your personal bank account. In order for this to be done you must upload your banking details via the FundiCard student portal. 

To do this go to and click on upload banking details and follow the prompts. 

If your funds are not loaded on your card then you should make an enquiry at the Campus Financial Aid office of your institution or at the bursar/sponsor. 

For more information on how to gain access to the Fundi Card, click here

For more information about the Fundi Card, click here




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