Will NSFAS Cover NATED Courses?

A National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NATED) is an undergraduate qualification delivered under the support of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations and the Department of Higher Education and Training. Read further to learn if NSFAS funds NATED courses. 


NATED courses are undergraduate qualifications delivered under the guidance of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations and the Department of Higher Education and Training. 

These certifications combine theory and practical work and are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The simple answer to your question is yes, NSFAS covers the nated courses as long the student is registered in a public higher education institutions. 

NATED qualifications are accredited and recognized. They are accredited by The Quality Council of Trades and Occupation . 

The Quality Council was established in 2010 in terms of the Skills Development Act Nr. 97 of 1998 and is mandated to ensure that all qualifications and certificates are credible and meet national and international standards.

There are certain universities that offer degree options for individuals who have completed their NATED programmes. 
Obtaining a NATED qualification will give you access to other study options that will up your skills.

While other qualifications often focus on theory, a National Diploma on the other hand shows you how to do the job. 

A huge emphasis is put on getting you work-ready. They will teach you distinct skills to prosper in your chosen profession and get a job.

In order to obtain your diploma, you will need to do an 18-month internship. The internship will give you an opportunity to put into practice what you have learned during the theoretical phase. You can use this internship on your CV when applying for a job. 

You can include the skills you learned and references from people that you worked with. Internships are a great way to learn the ins and outs of the working world.

The best way to ensure job security is to get qualified. Having a Diploma will open doors for you and give you the right skills to survive the competitive work environment.

In order to learn more about NSFAS funding models, please visit the following link:  https://www.nsfas.org.za/content/.

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