How to upload outstanding NSFAS documents

Friday, 17 January, 2020 - 18:47
Alan Hammond

You need to supply all supporting documents before NSFAS can approve your funding application. These are the details on how you can supply your supporting documents.


Funding from NSFAS will pay for your university or college fees, accommodation, books and living expenses. Before you can be approved you need to supply all supporting documentation.

All information on your NSFAS application is handled via the MYNSFAS website. You don't have to go to a NSFAS office any longer like you used to have to do. 

The NSFAS staff have to follow their rules and they are not allowed to distribute any money unless all documents have been submitted and approved. So to make sure you get the NSFAS money you are entitled to you have to make sure that you submit all your documents.

Go to and login. You will received the option to upload your outstanding supporting documents. Once the documents have been uploaded click on the tab 'Submit Documents'.

The process is complete once all documents are uploaded and you receive notification that says 'Outstanding application documents submitted successfully uploaded'.

If you did upload the documents but there was a problem the most common issus is that the documents are not clear. If you have a problem taking photos with your cellphone you can go to a NSFAS or a NYDA office and they will assist you. If there is not a NSFAS or NYDA office near you, and you have applied to a college or varsity then ask their fees office to assist you.


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