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Calling all secondary school learners! The 2021 SADC Secondary School Essay Competition is happening. Enter now and you could win your share of 1000 US dollars!

Matric may be over but the challenges aren’t. In an interview with Nonhlanhla Dube of Boston City Campus, things such as what Matrics should now do post-matric as well as what to do to keep your head above water were discussed.


In South Africa, very little maths research is conducted in well-resourced schools, which are generally located in middle class and wealthy suburbs. But there is research to suggest that grade 9 learners in these schools are about four years ahead of their counterparts in schools located in lower-income urban and rural areas.

It's that time of the year where many learners are drawing mind maps or scrambling to find extra learning resources just before exams start. Online apps have been the go-to for many learners and teachers since Covid-19 hit and Examsta is another great app to consider during this time. 

Change can be quite a difficult and overwhelming process for many first year students. When we speak about transitioning we refer it to moving from one level to another level. The learning dynamic is complex when starting university. 

The Science Education Centre at the University of Limpopo will be moving its science programmes online. The programmes promote science awareness and aim to not only educate learners in school but members of the public as well.

Choosing subjects in grade 9 can be a tough decision to make because these subjects can determine your future. An education expert says grade nines should weigh their options carefully before making the choice. 

The Gauteng Department of Education has opened online applications for grade 1 and grade 8 admissions for the 2021 school year.

Teachers and learners can now access Survival Guides made by Pearson. The Survival Guides have been developed as a resource to help teachers and learners successfully finish the 2020 academic year. 


The Answer Series provides useful study guides for high school learners in grades 8 to 12. Grade 12 learners can now access free video lessons on the Answer Series website.

Learners will return to school tomorrow with 96,7% of all schools ready to accept the pupils and apply by all Covid-19 safety measures.  The Minister of Basic Education has updated the country on the reopening which will see 13% of learners return on Monday (Grade 12 and Grade 7) and gave reassurance that the provinces are ready to receive them.

After much confusion with mixed messages and delays the national Minister of Basic Education released a statement on Sunday night to say that schools would not be open for learners on the 1st of June. However things will be different in the Western Cape.

The Department of Basic Education have published a Government Gazette which formalises the rules for the return to school of learners under the national lockdown. It specifies what dates the different grades can return as well as the social distancing practices that must be put in place.

There comes a time in high school where you have to make a choice that will shape your future. Gateway subjects can help you find the right career path for you or help you find out which career path is not for you.

The education department of the Eastern Cape has recently announced that it is in the process of providing learners with sim cards to help them access school-related content online. 

In efforts to prepare learners for June exams, the SABC and the department of Basic Education have launched radio and television programmes to broadcast educational material. Broadcasting is scheduled to start on April 9 2020. 

Africa Teen Geeks is the company behind the new STEM Lockdown Digital School, an initiative set up to give learners across South Africa online access to school resources during the lockdown period.

The Eskom Expo takes place every year, drawing in hundreds of gifted students across South Africa. With the recent Coronavirus developments, Eskom has decided to make the Expo resources available online to help learners get started. 

With South Africa’s high unemployment rates and limited university spaces, matriculants are often urged to opt for vocational training.

Barend Van den Berg says the career options in the vocational sector are virtually endless, and incorporate almost all sectors of the economy.

From the school playground to the internet, bullying is a widespread problem that can affect your child’s mental and emotional health.