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Chartall Business College was established in 2007 in response to two concurrent, national regulatory requirements. The first was the Financial Services Board’s regulatory need to ensure all banking staff providing financial advice met the specified FAIS fit and proper education requirements.

The second was similar legislation in the real estate sector, where the Estate Agency Affairs Board required all non-principal and principal agents to comply with minimum education requirements.

The founders Kevin Boyers and Karen Deller took the opportunity to establish Chartall Business College and since inception has built a strong reputation as an innovative business-to-business, private college with an impressive client base across all major industry sectors.

Chartall Business College aims to help its corporate clients meet their core business objectives through innovative, tailor-made skills development solutions. Chartall understands that every client’s needs are different. They offer a wide variety of courses as well as short courses and online courses. Learnerships and internships are awarded to deserving learners who show that they are determined to succeed.

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  • Bachelor of Business Administration


  • Johannesburg 


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