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AIE believes in continuously working towards improvement and dedication to quality education. They offer a large range of courses at the campuses. Their Urban Kitchen restaurant offers healthy meal options on campus.

Midrand Campus has a roof chill area, where students can enjoy their break times. Bursaries are awarded to students who have produced excellent results.

They represent AIE (Academic Institute of Excellence) family of education brands, some of SA's leading learning institutes. They are a family that prides itself on their brands, people and students, known for their innovative approach to quality education, excellence in delivery and modern technological approach.

Student use the AIE portal. Once your are accepted and registered at AIE, you will then be given your AIE login.

AIE Courses:

  • National Certificate: Building and Civil Technology (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Building Drawing (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Building Science (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Bricklaying and Plastering Theory (N2) 
  • National Certificate: Electrical Trade Theory (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Electro Technology (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Engineering Drawing (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Engineering Science (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Fitting and Machinery Theory (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Industrial Electronics (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Mathematics (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Mechanotechnology (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Metalworkers Theory (N1)
  • National Certificate: Motor Trade Theory (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Plant Operating Theory (N3)
  • National Certificate: Plating and Structural Steel Drawing (N1-N3)
  • National Certificate: Plumbing Theory (N2)
  • National Certificate: Water and Wastewater Treatment Practice (N3) 
  • Higher Certificate in Architectural Technology
  • Higher Certificate in Architectural Technology

AIE Courses:

  • Information Technology and Data Science
  • Draughting and Technical Design
  • Business, Entrepreneurship and Finance
  • Engineering and Science
  • Visual Design, Marketing and Branding
  • Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Design

AIE Fees:

Consult the website for information regarding Academic Institute of Excellence fees.


  • Midrand
  • AIE Cape Town
  • Greenside 


Consult the website for information regarding the application process and AIE requirements.

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