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If the minister of higher education had his way, the country's largest university would have been placed under administration. The university was facing several challenges which compelled the minister to take action. 

The protracted administrative dispute between the Higher Education Minister and South Africa's largest university appears to have come to an end. Following numerous legal challenges that thwarted the minister's attempts to place the institution under administration, the minister has now withdrawn the notice to appoint an administrator.

South Africa's largest university will not be placed under administration, at least for the time being. This comes after the High Court in Pretoria's decision to dismiss the minister's leave to appeal application. 

South Africa's largest university will now be under the guidance of an administrator. This comes after months of uncertainty in which legal action prevented the minister from making a final decision. 

South Africa's largest university was set to be placed under administration after the Higher Education Minister declared his intension. However, a high court decision prevented the minister from announcing his final decision. 

South Africa's largest university Unisa is set to be placed under administration. Higher education Minister Blade Nzimande revealed his intentions earlier this week which has many of the students at Unisa questioning how they will be impacted by the minister's decision. 

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