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Nursing As A Career

Nursing is a rewarding and fulfilling career that involves providing care, support, and medical assistance to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare system and are often at the frontlines of patient care.

Thohoyandou Nursing School aims to provide quailty education and learning, which will produce qualified nurses as part of the health sciences sector. They offer a variety of  nursing courses at their nursing college. Once Thohoyandou Nursing School applications open, we might be able to help. If you are looking for an online application form you should view their page in our Where To Study directory.

Types of Nurses

There are three main types of nurses in South Africa, they include:

  • Auxiliary Nurse: Nurses will this qualification usually perform basic medical procedures and provide general care to patients.

           Study programme: Higher Certificate in Nursing Auxiliary (R.169)

  • Staff Nurse: These nurses provide basic nursing care to patients. However, they are more advanced than ENA’s and can perform more advanced care and procedures.

          Study programme: 3-year Diploma in nursing (R.171)

  • Professional Nurse and Midwife: They perform typical nursing responsibilities for example, administer medication, work out care plans and work in various nursing environments.

            Study programme:  4- year Bachelor of Nursing & Midwifery (R.174)

Accreditation for Nursing Colleges

You should check that the school of nursing you want to study at is offering accredited courses that are recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority, including degrees and a higher certificate. The South African Nursing Council overseas nursing profession; and the nursing education and training that happens in the sector.

Nursing Colleges Are A Good Higher Education Option

Nursing schools are a very good option for young people who are looking into higher education options for themselves. You should check the details for the courses to make sure that you meeting the minimum admission requirements. There are five subjects that you have to study at school to get the best chance of being accepted at at nursing college. Nurses play a number of roles that you could play after your nursing education - from theatre nurses to emergency medical services.

You can get full details in our article about which subjects you should take.


Thohoyandou Nursing School aims to provide quailty education and training, which will produce qualified nurses. They offer a variety of courses at their college. Student accommodation is available at their campus and clinical facilities.






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