sassa r350 grant application online


Sassa R350 grants have been extended again by the President and he has confirmed in his 2024 Sona speech that they will be retained, and improved! So it is still worth apply for the R350 grant if you think you qualify.

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There are millions of people who require social grants from the South African government to survive every month. If your R370 grant application was rejected, you can submit a Sassa appeal. 

Financially vulnerable people living in South Africa are encouraged to apply for social assistance from Sassa. Sassa pays social grants to millions of people every month. 

There millions of children who benefit from Sassa's child support grants. The agency is now paying these grants. 

There are millions of grant beneficiaries set to receive payments this month. This includes beneficiaries of the Disability grant. 

Millions of people are beneficiaries of social grants from the Department of Social Development. A new minister and deputy minister have been appointed to oversee the implementation of these programmes, including the efficient and effective distribution of Sassa grants. 

Millions of financially vulnerable individuals rely on social grants to survive every month. Sassa has begun paying social grants to beneficiaries for July 2024. 

Sassa has flagged many SRD grant applicants for potential fraud. The timing of this could be disastrous for many SRD grant applicants. 

After years of financial challenges, Postbank stopped the payment of social grants using Post Office branches and mobile cash pay point. This shift in grant payment methods is negatively impacting grant beneficiaries living in rural areas. 

The introduction of a new verification process for the SRD Grant has sparked concern among beneficiaries. Many fear that these new requirements could exclude vulnerable people from receiving the grant. 

Millions of South Africans are beneficiaries of Sassa grants. The agency has confirmed when these grant beneficiaries will be paid in July 2024. 

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