The Higher Education department received a budget allocation of  R133.8 billion for the 2023/24 financial year. A portion of this budget is being spent on improving the county's universities through various infrastructure projects. 

The 16 Days Of Activism campaign aims to curb the scourge of violence against women and children. The lives of women and children remain at risk regardless of where they find themselves including at South Africa's universities and TVET Colleges. 

With applications for South Africa's government bursary set to open in less that 24 hours, the Minister of Higher Education is calling on all stakeholders to work together to ensure the success of the 2024 academic year. To achieve a smooth academic year, NSFAS will be required to run on all run on all cylinders and ensure the challenges experienced by students this year is not repeated. 

South Africa's largest university was set to be placed under administration after the Higher Education Minister declared his intension. However, a high court decision prevented the minister from announcing his final decision. 

South Africa’s largest university is set to be placed under administration on Friday. The Higher Education minister revealed his intentions and the university failed to make representations to the minister. 

Studying at an unregistered college can have serious consequences for students, including issues related to accreditation, financial stability, and career prospects. The higher education department has revealed its plan to deal with institutions operating illegally in South Africa. 

In 2022, the Higher Education Minister announced that a comprehensive funding model is in development. The funding model which is set to change the landscape of student funding in South Africa will soon be considered for approval. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has rapidly been advancing and is making its presence felt across various sectors. One of the most significant areas where AI is making a profound impact is in tertiary education.

A lot of work needs to be done if university and TVET campuses are to be considered safe. The development of robust policies and improved security protocols is at the centre of the Higher Education Department's plan to improve campus safety.

While South African women have made great strides over the years, they are still underrepresented in the local technology sector and alternative approaches to skills development are needed to drive tangible change. This includes partnerships between business and talent organisations to create innovative training programmes that not only fast-track their IT careers by blending theory with real-world experience, but also provides successful candidates with permanent employment upon completion.

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