How To Check Your Sassa SRD Grant Payment Status - Sassa Status Check

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Conducting a SRD grant status check informs applicants if and when they will receive an SRD grant payment. Here's how to check your Sassa SRD grant payment status.

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Millions are expected to benefit from the Social Relief of Distress grant each and every month. However, there are many people who would want it if the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) approved their Sassa SRD R350 grant application.

Well the first piece of good news is that it has been increased to a R370 payment from the 1st of April 2024.

If you want to check on your SRD grant and Sassa payment status, you need to conduct a Sassa status check. There are two ways to do this and confirm the status of your payment, and also a Sassa balance status.

By completing a status check a beneficiary will be able to see if their grant application was approved or not, but also what steps they are required to take to ensure they receive a R370 grant payment.

Your Sassa application status for the SRD grant is reassessed each month as the agency will check whether you have received any payments into your bank account each month.

Online Sassa R370 Grant Status Check

Step 1:

Sassa recipients can go to the official Sassa SRD website.

Step 2:

Find the "Application Status" section to view the application process

Step 3:

Enter your South African ID number and the phone number you used when applying. This serves as your identity verification.

Step 4:

Click "Check Status." You might receive a one-time security PIN (OTP) via SMS.

Step 5:

Enter it to view your status. You can view your Sassa status regularly.

Sassa Status Check Via Whatsapp

Step 1: Save the SASSA Official WhatsApp number (082 046 8553) to your contacts so that it's easy to contact Sassa to run a check status. You can contact Sassa as many times as you like.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp and send a message to SASSA saying "Status" followed by your ID number

Step 3:

SASSA will reply with your application details, including any payment dates (if applicable) and your eligibility status. In this way your Sassa status shows on your phone.

By following these steps, you can check on your Sassa SRD grant status and understand the next steps. Remember, patience is key while your application is being processed.

This Sassa update provides information on your Sassa grant app status, collection options for approved grants, and the appeals process for declined applications. You can always view your appeal status.

What Your Sassa Status Means 

A pending SRD status means that Sassa is still evaluating the applicants grant application. 'Approved' indicates that the application is approved and they will revive SMS notification when their grant is ready for collection at Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, or Boxer stores.

Alternatively, you can choose to have it deposited directly into your bank account (if you have one).

Sassa status declined means that the applicant has failed to meet the eligibility criteria for the grant. If you see the response 'bank details pending' then you need to confirm you bank details with Sassa by updating their records for you on the official Sassa website.

If the declined SRD grant applicant believes Sassa was incorrect to reject their SRD grant app they can submit an appeal. Appeals are handled by the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).

Hopefully you will see the status 'Sassa status approved' and your payment will be approved and processed on the next payment date.

Sassa Status Pending

If you receive the message Sassa status pending it means that your application is still being processed by Sassa and your status is still going to be processed even if you don't do a Sassa check.

Whilst Sassa continues to administer various types of grants such as the child support grant, disability grants, and the old age grant (pension). The grants are means-tested, meaning that eligibility is based on the income and assets of the individual or the household. This is relevant for the child support grant but not the disability grant.

R370 Application and Sassa Check

The good news if you want to make a R370 grant app is that the SRD Grant has been renewed and the President has made it clear in his latest SONA speech that the grant is going to stay, and in fact is going to be improved.

Sassa R370 Grant Application

While the fact that the R370 grant is going to stay and be improved is good news - there is still no detail on how it will be improved. But is still makes sense to make your Sassa R370 application because you know your effort will not be wasted. 

The amount of the grant money will differ depending on the type of grant and the individual's circumstances. You can check the status of your Sassa grants to see if you will be getting a grant payment.

The Sassa SRD grant is a very important relief measure for so many people as it provides a way to meet basic needs when times are difficult. It was extended to March 2025 and the Minister has said she wants it extended even further than that.

It is a good idea to do a Sassa R350 Check Status each month to make sure you are getting your SRD grant money each month. Then you can see if they are any problems  or glitches in the system that will stop you getting your money.

When you want to enquire about the SRD R350 grant you can use the phone number to contact Sassa at the nearest Sassa offices or you can check Sassa status online.

Each month for the SRD grant they check on your employment status and if you have had any cash paid into your bank account. This does not mean that you need to make a new application each month, it just means that they are running a status grant check each month - what Sassa call a reconsideration status - to see if you still qualify for the Social Relief of Distress grant again this month.

Some people might have a temporary job for one month so won't qualify for one month - but will qualify again for the next month.

The Sassa payment dates have been announced for the year ahead and you can always view your Sassa grant status online. This is the advantage of being able to check your Sassa status online and you can find out if you can expect your Sassa payment this month.

Sassa Online Application For R370

Sassa has made things as convenient as they can - you can check your Sassa status online so you just need a phone number to run a check of your Sassa status. You can use the Sassa phone number or you can check Sassa status via the website on your cellphone.

The social relief grant - known as the SRD Grant - is just one of the Sassa grants that they are responsible for. The Sassa online portal service makes things easy.

You can run a Sassa check on the SRD grant. On the website you will see the link for Status Check for R350. This is where you can review your SRD R370 grant details and grant payment information.

All South African citizens over the age of 18 who are not earning a salary or on other grants are eligible, until they reach old age. Asylum seekers may also be eligible for the grant and can make a Social Relief of Distress Grant application as long as they have a registered phone number.

The SRD grant payment does not have fixed payment dates for the SRD grant application.

If you get to SRD reconsideration pending status then your Sassa account is still being processed and the grant payment has not been finalised. Your SRD status will be reviewed each month so if you receive money one month you will not be able to receive the SRD grant - but you can be eligible again the next month.

If you are receiving the Sassa SRD R350 grant you can always check on the status of your grant online. You will receive a Sassa status pin which allows you to check on your Sassa R350 grant and whether you will be receiving it this month.

They have made it easy to do the Sassa status check online as you will need to do this each month and you don't want to have to go to the Sassa offices to make the enquiry via the Sassa system.

You don't have to make a new Sassa grant application each month, but each month Sassa will check whether you are eligible for the month. In this way the R360 grant is different to something like the Disability Grant, which doesn't change status each month. Sassa recipients can be secure with the Disability grant that once the grant has been approved, the grant payment will be made each month.

The R350 grant status is a bit different as they will check each month to see if you have received payments into your account in that month.

Sassa R350 Application

If you are making a new SRD Sassa grant app you can check Sassa status after 2 days to review the progress of your application. The SRD grant online application status is usually processed in a few days. If you don't receive your Sassa payment that month it can be paid late the following month.

When you check our Sassa status you may receive a Sassa pin. This is to confirm your identity as fraudsters can try to access the information from your Sassa grant with a status enquiry to hijack your account.

So always keep your Sassa SRD status information private and secure when you do your status check for R370 grants. You will use your cell phone number and your South African ID number when you check Sassa status to ensure it is your personal account.

Your income status will change during a month if you are seen to be receiving money into your bank account in the month.

When running a status check for the SRD R370 grant you can also check the banking details that Sassa has on record for you. The Sassa SRD R350 grant status will also show your Sassa payment check and send the details to the phone number you have on file.

This should be your personal phone number that is linked to your ID number so that your personal details remain confidential.

Sassa will send a secure link to your cell phone number that shows your Sassa application status. As Sassa SRD payments do not happen on a specific date each month you should check your payment date each month to know when you will receive the payment.

If you are denied a payment on a specific month you can lodge a Sassa reconsideration status check to try to once again receive future payments. There is no limit on how many times you do a Sassa check.

SRD Status Check

One of the social security benefits that vulnerable individuals have access to includes the Sassa SRD R370 grant, which many individuals as long as they meet the eligibility requirements.

After applying for a grant, applicants complete a status check on the SRD grant to check if Sassa approved their application.

The Sassa status checker tool for SRD grants is easy to complete and can be done online on the Sassa website. You will get Sassa status pin to maintain security while you confirm you Sassa R370 grant status. Make sure you are always using the official Sassa website. 

If your Sassa status is declined for one month you can always apply again for the following month.

How To Complete An SRD Sassa Status Check

The good thing is that it doesn't cost anything to do an SRD Sassa status check and its quite easy because you don't have to go into the Sassa head office or anything like that. You can run the SRD Sassa status check as any times as you like.

Step 1: Visit the Sassa SRD grant website.

Step 2: Scroll down to the "Application status" section.

Step 3: Click on the link labelled "Click here to check online."

Step 4: Fill in the required fields as prompted.

Step 5: Once you have completed the necessary information, the status of your R370 grant application should be displayed.

Eligibility Criteria

The Sassa R370 Social Relief grant is available to those in need of financial aid - whether they be South African citizens in possession of a South African ID number, permanent residents, asylum seekers and special permit holders.

So if you think you qualify for the Sassa SRD grant you should contact Sassa directly and tell them about your financial status.

Some of the Sassa R350 grants have specific eligibility criteria and might require a Means Test. This is also the case for the SRD grant. In terms of the SRD grant, the applicant may not exceed the income threshold of R624.

Sassa status check

Why Sassa Completes R370 Grant Verification Checks

To qualify for the SRD grant, there are strict rules beneficiaries need to meet so you can do a Sassa status check to make sure you qualify. You must be a citizen of South Africa and live within its borders. Permanent residence and  special permit holders can receive the grant. 

If you're already getting help from the South African government or any state group, you can't get a R370 grant. This includes things like money from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or support from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). Also, you can't be fully taken care of by a government institution.

For the R370 grant, you can't have more than R624 in your banking account as "income". This means the money you have in your account. If you have more than R624, you won't be able to apply for the R370 grant. Your application will be turned down.

How Sassa Verifies R370 Grant Applications

Sassa uses a verification process to make sure that applicants meet the requirements for the SRD grant. This process involves working together with different government bodies, departments, and banks.

The first Sassa check is to confirm the identity numbers and citizenship status of applicants by collaborating with the Department of Home Affairs.

Next, the bank account details provided by the applicants are shared with the Department of Treasury. Then, these details are given to the bank chosen by the applicant. This is done to confirm the applicant's income.

It's important to know that the time it takes for the bank verification is not fixed.

The applicant's information is first sent to the Department of Treasury, and then it goes to the specific bank chosen by the applicant. After the bank finishes confirming the income, the information goes back to the Department of Treasury.

Finally, this information is given to Sassa, which then helps to give out the grant payment.

What does 'Reapplication Pending' mean? 

  • The R370 grant has no set payment date, but Sassa has advised SRD grant recipients to constantly check for their Sassa status.

  • When submitting your SRD grant app status check, you might be questioning the Sassa SRD status that you have received.

  • If you have received a Sassa status is pending, this simply means that there was no reapplication that was received for the SRD grant.

  • It is for this reason that you have been notified by the government agency of your 'Reapplication PendingSassa grant status

  • After receiving your pending status, it is important that you know what is it that you need to do next.

  • Sassa has emphasised that a pending application for the Sassa SRD R350 grant should be submitted using the SRD Sassa website (Looking under the heading (Sassa Grants).

Why do a Sassa Status Check?

Why do you find that your friends and family will often stress 'check Sassa status' as one of the main things you must do?

Most of the many millions of payments made by Sassa are processed smoothly. However, there are times when there are problems and people are left wondering when they will get paid and what is their set payment date for the grant.

Doing a Sassa status check as a Sassa R370 grant holder is important as it provides you with your set payment date to access your grant money and also your Sassa official grant application outcome, especially if you continue to have a Sassa pending status

Check Sassa Status Online

If can be very inefficient and time consuming to have to visit one of the Sassa offices or Sassa head office when doing a Sassa status check for a Sassa R350 grant.

It is much simpler if you can do your SRD Status check online via the official sassa online website when you have completed your R370 Sassa grant application. There you can see your Sassa grant, it's status, and details on when you will get grant payments.

When you do the check, it can either be an SRD status check or a general Sassa status check online.

How To Do a Sassa Status Check on the Website

  • Go to apply online 

  • Enter your South African ID number and mobile number

  • Click "Send SMS" 

  • Then enter the one-time pin (OTP) that Sassa has sent to your cell phone number for the status check.

  • You will also get information on Sassa payment dates sent to your cell phone number

  • You will be able to view your payment grant payment status online

As per the Sassa application process, qualifying individuals who will be either submitting a new application or reapplying have been urged to accept the declaration and consent.

Sassa has also advised grant recipients to only submit one application instead of multiple applications unless the government agency hadn't recorded the Sassa SRD grant application.

However, once an application has been successfully submitted, confirmation will be sent to the grant and application as the application process has commenced.

This will be followed by Sassa sticking to its processing time of the grant applications so that they receive their grant application outcome on time.

Whilst the Sassa SRD grant requirements have been changed a few times, Sassa has become stricter in verifying grant applications.

Here's How Sassa Follows The Verification Process For SRD Grant Applications

Prior to a Sassa SRD grant application being approved, the government agency needs to follow its verification process.

According to SASSA, the SRD grant recipients ought to be aware that the agency does not only verify banking details through various financial institutions but also verifies citizenship.

When the applicant has successfully passed all verification, SASSA will approve the application and the status will be updated to 'approved'.

On the contrary, should the SRD application status state 'pending', it then indicates that the verification has not yet been finalised.

In the previous grant payment cycles, SRD grant recipients have complained about delayed grant payment dates even after the grant application has been approved by the government agency.

Although most social grants have set Sassa payment dates, delays in their grant payment have been caused by grant recipients not providing the correct bank account details.

There can be queues at payment points when it comes to the Sassa payments date for the month, which is one reason why payments to bank accounts are so popular.

This is why it is important to ensure your Sassa banking details records are up to date on your Sassa account.

Sassa explained that some of the issues that have surfaced include beneficiaries making mistakes when they enter their personal information, and some of them only choose the name of the financial institution where they want to get the grant when they enter their banking details.

Grant beneficiaries have been reminded to keep on checking their personal details to ensure that they are correct and the grant funds are received by the right person.

What A Sassa 'Pending' Status Means

Sassa has revealed that if you see "pending" on your application status, it means that your application has not yet been approved.

This is because Sassa is still in the process of scanning your details which they will need to verify before you can be approved as an SRD grant beneficiaries.

Sassa beneficiaries can do a status check for R370 grants details by completing the Sassa status check online form on the Sassa official website.

Approved SRD R370 Sassa Grant Status

If your SRD status application is approved, you will receive an SMS from SASSA requesting your bank details. Sassa will use these banking details to pay your money each month, so it is important that you make sure you provide the correct banking information, contact and personal details.

If Sassa still needs bank details from you, you will see a message saying 'bank details pending'.

The details on when you will receive payments will not be made available if your Sassa grant current status is still in Pending. You must make sure that they have the correct banking details on file for you but you won't be able to see an exact pay date.

Sassa Payment Status Check

Sassa payment details and status refers to whether or not your Sassa R350 grant application was successful. A grant beneficiary can complete a Sassa payment check online to seek if their grant application has been approved by Sassa.

Sassa payment dates change each month and the dates for grant payments are communicated to beneficiaries monthly once identity verification is completed.

That's why doing a Sassa status check is so useful as they you'll know when to expect the payment from Sassa.

Sassa Grant Appeals

If you have applied and been rejected you can read our complete guide on how to make a grant appeal to Sassa. There is a Sassa reconsideration status portal where you can view your appeal status if you enter your ID number. You can also check your appeal status via whatsapp.

You may received a Sassa SRD payments status pin to confirm your personal details when you login to the website. The Sassa reconsideration portal will send you a message when your review is completed.

The most important criteria is your employment status. If you are receiving a wage or salary into your bank account you will not be eligible for the Sassa R370 grant.

When you want to check your appeal status we are here to help you with a comprehensive guide to the Sassa appeal process.

There is also a video with details on the Sassa appeal process.

Once you have submitted your appeal to Sassa you need to make sure that you check on the status of your appeal.

Sassa SRD R370 Grant Pay Date

The special R370 grant does not have a fixed payment date. However, the grant payment agency has revealed a new payment strategy for the grant. There are payment dates for the other Sassa social grant payments.

Sassa grant increases

When Are R370 Grants Paid

Sassa verifies grant applications monthly to ensure R370 grant beneficiary still meet the eligibility criteria for the R370 grant. 

These verification check procedures take some time as Sassa collaborates with several government entities to verify information submitted by the grant applicant. 

Once Sassa is satisfied that the applicant still meets the strict eligibility requirements for the R370 grant, they will notify the grant beneficiary via message when their R370 grant payment is available for collection.

This SMS notification will likely only be made during the last week.

Sassa plans to pay R370 grants around the last week of every month as this is when the grant application verification is complete for sassa payout  grants.

Don't forget that you can always run a payment check on your status by checking online to confirm when your payment will arrive.

You can check Sassa R350 grant status online by visiting the official Sassa website as this is the best way to check your payment status online.

If the website is busy you may see the message Sassa status check pending. If your Sassa check failed you can try again in a few hours.

The Social Relief grant is the only one which is reassessed each month, as it depends on how much money the beneficiary receives in their bank account each month - that is, the income status. You can keep checking until you see 'Sassa status approved'.

Sassa SRD Grant Banking Details

If you need to change your Sassa banking details - including banking details for your SRD grant we have all the details for you. As the grant is re-approved monthly you need to make sure that your banking details with Sassa are correct or your grant won't be paid.

The bank account must be in your own name as grants can't be paid into someone else's account. You'll find all the details in our Sassa banking details FAQ. You can also view our video on how to check your Sassa SRD grant status.

Important Information About SRD Sassa Payment Dates

It's important to note that while Sassa indicates when R370 grants may have been paid to beneficiaries, they may have to wait a few days before they can begin using their money. This is because funds take a few days to reflect in the applicants bank account. 

During pay week clients are encouraged to view their status on the SRD website for the exact date that the payment will be made into their bank accounts.  

Sassa grant funds will take about 2 - 3 working days to reflect in the applicants bank account after the SRD status grant payment has been processed.

What Is The Future of the SRD Grant

President Ramaphosa announced that the SRD Grant would be extended and improved when he gave the annual State of the Nation speech on the 8th of February 2024.

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana added more detail to this when he announced in parliament on the 14th of March that the SRD Grant would be increasing from R350 to R370 from the 1st April 2024.

Positive Use of Social Grants

As well as providing basics like food, academic research conducted into the benefits of the SRD Grant have shown that it has a wide benefit for its beneficiaries, and their wider families.

Research into the use of social grants by South Africans was undertaken by Patel Dikoko and Archer, working through the University of Johannesburg Centre for Social Development in Africa.

They found that beneficiaries reported using their grants to invest in their future livelihood with things like investing in their children's education and also their children's job search.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Sassa SRD R370 Grant

1. What is the SASSA SRD R370 grant?

The SRD status grant is a special Social Relief of Distress grant of R370 per month provided by SASSA for individuals who are in dire need of financial assistance due to the impact of unemployment and other hardships.

2. Who is eligible for the SRD grant?

To be eligible, individuals must be between 18 and 60 years old, not be receiving any other social grants, unemployment insurance benefits, or stipends from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, and have no other source of income.

3. How do I apply for the SASSA SRD grant?

Applications can be submitted through the SASSA SRD website, WhatsApp line, or USSD service. You'll need to provide your ID number, contact details, and address.

4. What documents do I need to apply for the SRD grant?

A valid South African ID and proof of address are the primary documents required. Additional documentation may be requested to prove your financial status.

5. How long does the SRD grant last?

The SRD grant is typically provided on a month-to-month basis, and the duration of its availability can be subject to government announcements and available funding.

6. Can I apply for the SRD grant if I am unemployed but receiving a pension?

No, if you are receiving any other social grant, including a pension, you are not eligible for the SRD grant.

7. How will I know if my SRD grant application is approved?

SASSA will notify applicants of the outcome of their Sassa application status via SMS or you can check the Sassa status online on the SASSA SRD website.

8. How and when do I receive my SRD grant payment?

Payments are made monthly through the method you selected during application, which can include bank transfer, cash send, or collection at a post office, rather than one of the Sassa offices or Sassa head office.

9. What should I do if my SRD grant application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you have the right to appeal the decision. Information on the appeals process is available on the SASSA website.

10. Can I reapply for the SRD grant if my financial situation changes?

Yes, if your financial circumstances change and you become eligible, you can reapply for the SRD grant.


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