Who Can Apply And How To Apply For A UCT Scholarship

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UCT Online High School is currently working with notable corporate and philanthropic partners to join them in empowering the future of South Africa. The aim is to make education more accessible to a diverse range of learners who may not afford the full tuition. 

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Aiming to remove the geographical barriers that both Covid-19 and exclusive in-person learning have placed on South African High School-goers, the University of Cape Town (UCT) launched its online school in January of 2022

The university's online high school also offers a scholarship programme.

About The School

Munei Tshiovhe explains how the programme works and why it was created: 

We launched the learning liberated scholarship program, with the purpose of investing in the education of talented and deserving learners across the country, you know, in Grades Eight through 11 want to pursue the National Senior Certificate (NSC).

And this should be coming from families who aren't able to really afford the full tuition on their own. And that's the main purpose of why we launched the learning liberated scholarship to make education accessible for all. 

The school intends to offer ample internet access and reliable hardware for studies to be completed. Their mission includes offering top notch education, with top form educators to students of all backgrounds in a manner that is personalized to each student’s learning.

The online high school is being run in partnership with the Valenture Institute, which will be providing the funding for the new online school through donors, including the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

South Africa's education system is currently facing unprecedented challenges - with an insufficient number of teachers, limited infrastructure, and inadequate resources, the country's youth are struggling to access quality education.

In response to these challenges, UCT Online High School offers a solution that is both innovative and accessible, providing high-quality education at an affordable cost.  

How The School Operates For Learners 

Each enrolled student will be learning at the national curriculum standard, as set out by the Department of Basic Education (DBE).

Although mostly online, the school is said to offer blended learning micro schools that are intended to accommodate those students who may need in-person teaching and learning from time to time.

The school offers classes from Grades 8 to 12, with Grade 12 learning only beginning in 2023, after the school had completed its first year of operation. 

Furthermore, bridging courses, matric rewrites and other second-chance opportunities will be offered by the high school.

Each student will also be provided a personalized timetable, keeping with the school’s aim to offer personalized online learning opportunities that do not necessarily have to be in-person.  

Fees will go for R2 095 per month and the curriculum will offer a large scope of Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (Caps) learning subjects.

Despite the school’s mostly online format, just like the university, the high school will provide the opportunity for students to be able to join clubs and societies as extracurriculars. Finally, UCT online school learners will also be offered the opportunity to graduate on UCT’s campus and make use of UCT facilities.  

More About The Scholarship And How To Apply

Tshiovhe says: 

The landing liberated scholarship that we've started actually offers partial scholarships for children. 

So within our site, they can go and our scholarships page and that's where they'll find more information about the scholarship the more detailed criteria of what are we looking for, learners who are qualifying and deserving, as well as the application link.

And what it means to say it's partial, it means that it covers 50% of the tuition fee at UCT Online High School, and 100% of the Greek post Sakai examination fee, or meaning that individuals when they write exams, they need to pay the sockeye fee in the scholarship is going to cover it 100%, explains Tshiovhe. 

I think the reason why we went with partial is because this approach allows for more efficient distribution of financial aid. 

The website link is as follows: www.uctonlinehighschool.com/scholarships. Applications can be done via the website. Applications open on 4 September 2023, and will remain open until 31 October 2023.


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