Join GoodThingsGuy On 5 October To See What The Future Of Schooling Looks Like At UCT Online High School’s Free Virtual Open Day

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As the digital world takes up more space, so does the popularity of convenient virtual meetings. These are simply information-sharing seminars that are held online. They can be held to teach a new idea, educate people on a new product, make an announcement or communicate anything to a large audience. 

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Along with the rise of the digital world, the ways in which we learn have evolved considerably and it goes beyond webinars. Entire secondary and tertiary academic journeys are being made online.

A key to success in this learning system is communication. This is why UCT Online High School, a private online high school offering three learning pathways, has launched their Free Virtual Open Day on 5 October to give you all the information you need to know about the future of education, and how to set your child up for success in 2024!

This year has brought a lot of incredible changes to UCT Online High School and the school is excited to share them all! Since launching in January 2022 with the SA National Senior Certificate (CAPS), the school also launched the world-renowned Cambridge International curriculum (for high school learners).

On the 5th of October, they’ll be diving deep into all their education offerings to answer any questions that interested parents or learners might have. 

UCT Online High School was designed for the online space. The online educational landscape is constantly improving, updating and upgrading, and so is UCT Online High School!

Even though the online school launched at the beginning of 2022, adjustments have been made to better cater to the learners’ and guardians' needs with their data-driven 2023 enhancements. The parent and learner body asked for certain changes and the school listened, making improvements along the way.

This is the beauty of online learning - it’s adaptable and can innovate at a quicker rate than a traditional school. 

And who is the host? None other than Brent Lindeque, a South African entrepreneur, journalist, motivational speaker and social media influencer.

He also happens to own South Africa’s top good news site, GoodThingsGuy, and was one of the fortunate four journalists in South Africa who were invited to meet with Oprah to have a discussion “during lunch”. He has been named one of the top 100 most influential young South Africans by the Mail & Guardian, was a GQ man of the year and his platform was featured on a list of World’s Top 100 innovation success stories. Inspiring much? 

Who will be speaking? The school’s incredible Executive Head of School, Banele Lukhele,will lead the charge and unpack the school’s learning modality and ecosystem.

Joining Banele in this informative session will be, special guests - Tessa Venter, the Head of School for their respective curriculums, a number of the school’s amazing Support Coaches, Daniella Randall, Head of Wellbeing & Student Engagement, and Corporate Partnerships Manager, Munei Tshiovhe, who will discuss the school’s newly launched Learning Liberated Scholarship Programme

All the details: 

Date: 5 October 2023

Time: 6pm - 7pm

Format: Virtual - Google Meet 


Whether you are already a part of the UCT Online High School community, you’re about to be or are considering it, this virtual open day will be a helpful resource to better understand all the curriculums the online high school has and the way things work.

Join them on 5 October 2023 for a sneak peek into UCT Online High School. Explore the dynamic world of online education, connect with their educators, and envision your future with them. Register here to get more information:

While you wait for this informative Virtual Open Day, you can read up on the SA National Senior Certificate (CAPS) curriculum and the Cambridge International curriculum at UCT Online High School. 

If parents still have questions, or need some more guidance, they can contact one of UCT Online High School’s friendly Admissions Consultants at +27 21 140 1792 or email

To see how it all works, watch the video:

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