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With tourism and hospitality one of the fastest growing sectors in South Africa, contributing billions annually to the economy, young people are increasingly attracted to the idea of living the dream by choosing a career in the industry, believing that it will be a life filled with travel and glamour, with only an occasional interruption in the way of “real work”.

According to Forbes, the outlook is rosy for marketing professionals working in the industry as marketing managers, advertising and sales representatives, marketing film and video editors, graphic designers, and market research analysts. These role players, as well as many others, are essential in bringing together the vibrant marketing content found on television and in print. However, although marketing careers are expected to stay strong, there are a number of changes predicted for the future that could affect your skill set.

The Bakubung Platinum Mine in Ledig outside Rustenburg is expected to create 3135 jobs at full production, the second Annual North West BRICS Expo heard on Friday.

The 32-team Nedbank Cup competition that has over the years pit “David against Goliath” has become one of the most exciting football tournaments in the Premier Soccer League. Running parallel to this prestigious tournament is the Nedbank Ke Yona Team Search that unearths exciting South African football talent for a shot at a professional football career.If you are a budding footballer and you believe you have what it takes to play in the big leagues, then this opportunity is for you.

Progress is being made in dealing with the shortage of artisans in the country, says the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) of South Africa.

The first 15 students have completed and graduated from Gauteng’s Design @ 50 commercial jewellery programme. Congratulating the graduates on Thursday, Gauteng Development MEC Eric Xayiya said: “This project was developed to focus on creating viable markets for locally manufactured jewellery and stimulating the local jewellery manufacturing industry.

South Africa has an overall gender gap of 25%, as measured by economic participation and opportunity, education, health and political empowerment, yet its gender pay gap remains static at 35%.

Taung Agricultural College in the North West has received a donation of US $1 million from Danish company Haldor Topsøe, which specialises in research and technology.

The 2014 South African election is going to be one for the record books. Not only has the political climate made sure of the dramatic nature of events but it will also signify a revolutionary new look for the country as a democratic unit.

South Africans are encouraged to show their pride, wear their colours, take a ‘selfie’ and upload it on social media using the hashtag #FreedomFridaySelfie and/or #20YOFSelfie.

Companies are potentially set to discard the notion of candidates’ proximity to retirement age when making top appointments. Trends suggest that prevailing economic uncertainty sees boards go for proven leaders, despite their relative advanced age, rather than bringing in unproven new talent with decades of working life remaining.

Forty learners from disadvantaged backgrounds in Polokwane have been chosen to further their education at tertiary level, thanks to bursaries from the municipality.

Minister of Higher Education and Training Dr Blade Nzimande will next Tuesday convene a summit on issues that continue to pose a significant challenge to the functioning of Walter Sisulu University (WSU).

Public schools across Gauteng have opened their doors for the registration of learners for the 2015 academic year.

Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy launched the Public School Admissions Campaign at the Johannesburg Park Station on Monday.

Fifty four years ago, it took an act of armed resistance to prompt worldwide condemnation of the apartheid system. Bathandwa Mbola recently took a trip to the historic township, to hear the tale of a Sharpville survivor, who dared to stand up against an oppressive regime.

Education in SA, it’s a frustration that many South Africans grapple with. Are our children really getting the standard of education that is needed to get the jobs that they really want?

Last week Wednesday, 12 March, False Bay College in Cape Town hosted a Principals Breakfast with topics such as the "maths crisis" in our country coming to the fore. The long-running debate about the relevance of Maths Literacy was discussed among educators with questions about whether Maths Literacy was worthwhile? Whether it encourage students to settle for less than they are capable of? And if Maths Literacy offers false promises to students wanting to apply for specific courses at a tertiary level?

The chances of getting decent work experience has increased for Further Education and Training (FET) college graduates in the Free State, with the launch of the graduate placement programme in that province on Tuesday.

All graduates - whether publicly or privately funded - could soon be forced to undertake a year of community service. This is according to the ANC national executive committee's sub committee on education and health who announced it's plans to implement this proposal over the next 5 years.

More needs to be done to improve the effectiveness of internship programmes that prepare graduates to go into the labour market, the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) said on Tuesday.

While the demand of students to get in to universities is a major problem in South Africa there are other visable problems that come to the fore once students are accepted and lectures begin.

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