When Unisa Semester 2 Applications Will Close

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Unisa recently opened 2024 second semester applications. Here's how long the Unisa semester 2 application period will be open. 

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The University of South Africa (Unisa) recently opened semester 2 applications allowing thousands of prospective students to secure placement at the institution in 2024. However, the application period won’t be open forever. 

Unisa uses an Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) approach to education. This means that students study from home and don’t attend any in-person classes. In recent years, the institution also began conducting its examinations online.

All of this makes Unisa an attractive place to study for all kinds of people with busy lives wanting to further their education. 

Semester 2 applications opened on 15 April 2024 allowing thousands of students to apply to study at Unisa. 

When Unisa Semester 2 Applications Will Close

Semester 2 applications will remain open until 10 May 2024. This gives prospective Unisa students around 20 days to apply to study at the university during the second semester. 

Who Can Apply During Semester 2?

Everyone wanting to start a new undergraduate qualification can apply for admission in semester two. This includes first-time Unisa applicants, new students, students switching qualifications or specialisations, individuals reapplying after previously not being offered a spot, or individuals transitioning from a higher certificate or another programme to undergraduate studies.

A critical part of the application process is identifying the qualifications linked to your career interests and future planning. The next step is to choose the qualification(s) for which you want to apply. This will enable Unisa to evaluate your application and advise you of the outcome.

Admission applications are open for various undergraduate qualifications at different NQF levels. Applicants can apply for admission to two qualifications, including a lower-level one alongside their preferred choice. 

Unisa said applications for 2024 enrolment in Honours Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas are closed. 

Honours degrees and postgraduate diploma applications for the 2024 academic year are closed. 

Students interested in enrolling in Master’s and Doctoral programmes can still apply for admission in 2024. However, programmes are removed as soon as they are filled and students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. 

Applications for a limited number of master's and doctoral qualifications for the 2024 academic year are still open for admission. 

How To Apply

Here's how to apply to Unisa during this application period for the next academic year:

Step 1: Head to the 'Apply for admission' page.

Step 2: Choose your qualification type and click "Start the process".

Step 3: Review information and confirm your career goals (circle 2).

Step 4: Select your qualification (circle 3):

  • Browse by faculty/level or explore by interest fields (scroll down).
  • Click on the specific qualification for details (admission requirements, modules).

Step 5: Apply! (circle 4):

  • Click "CLICK HERE to apply online".
  • Choose your qualification and student status (new or existing).
  • Fill in the details and upload the required documents.

Your application is incomplete until documents are submitted.

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