When 2023 Final Matric Results Will Be Released

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The release of the 2023 final matric exams are just over a month away. However, several important tasks will be take place before candidates receive their results. 

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The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has confirmed that the 2023 matric exam results will be announced by Minister Motshekga on the evening of Thursday, 18 January 2024 - but when will learners get their results? Read our article for full details.

Almost one million matric candidates will receive their results the following day on Friday, 19 January 2024. 

Official Matric Results Page 2023

The official Matric results page for the 2023 Matric results will be the Basic Education Department website at www.education.gov.za

Different provincial education departments will also have their own official results pages for their Matric results. You can find the official Gauteng Matric results page at results.gauteng.gov.za and the Western Cape results at www.wced.gov.za

The DBE confirmed that the 2023 exams proceeded without any major disruptions or acts of dishonesty which often has the potential to compromise the integrity and credibility of exams. 

The department further expressed confidence that the marking and standardisation of exams will take place as planned. 

The 2023 Matric Exams 

The final matric examination period commenced on Monday, 30 October 2023 and will conclude during the first week of December 2023.

This year's exams took place across 6 337 public schools and 552 independent exam centres in the country, including Adult Education and Training centres and special centres.

The DBE said that there are improved security measures in place to make sure that there are no disruptions to the 2023 final matric examination period.

The DBE will monitor closely the writing of the October/November 2023 NSC Examinations.

723 971 full-time candidates participated in this year's final National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations. This was around 30 000 less than last year.

As for part-time candidates, 129 064 individuals wrote, bringing the total candidates for this year's final matric exams to 853 035.

As for Independent schools 14 127 full-time candidates and 1 080 part-time candidates will be writing. 162 question papers have been set this year.

Matric Exam Irregularities

In previous years, irregularities such as question paper leaks, copying and using crib notes have been reported. Now, DBE has said that they have put security measures in place to make sure this does not occur.

On the management of irregularities, the Department has said:

There is improvement in most provinces on the management of irregularities. The process of detection, investigation and hosting of hearings has improved. 

There has also been more efforts to encourage honesty from learners, teachers and principals. Parents and learners have also had to sign a Commitment Agreement, which outlines the following rules to follow:

  • Any irregularity related information should immediately be reported to the principal or hotline
  • Any cell phone involved in an allegation of exam irregularity with be surrendered
  • If a learner accepts assistance during an exam, they will be complicit

Matric learners and signed pledge to say that they won't be dishonest during the exams to protect the integrity of the Matric results.


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