WCED Admissions: When Grade 1 And 8 Placement Offers Will Be Available

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Thousands of parents have applied for their child's placement at a school in the Western Cape for 2025. Here's when they will receive the outcome of their 2025 admission applications.

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Parents in the Western Cape who applied for a place in Grade 1 or 8 for their child for the 2025 school year will soon be able to see at what school their child has been placed. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) will release admission decisions this week. 

The WCED has confirmed that admission decisions will be available for parents to view and accept on Thursday 30 May 2024. This comes after parents submitted admission applications for their children during the official 2025 WCED school admissions period.

The official WCED admissions application period closed on 12 April, after parents were given one month to apply. Only parents who submitted admission applications will be able to view the WCED's admission decisions from 30 May 2024. These are considered ‘on-time applications’ and late applications will be dealt with later in 2024. 

Outcomes of admissions applications are available from 30 May 2024. 

The WCED is urging parents to prepare in advance by ensuring they have their passwords ready for the online admissions system and that their contact details are up to date. 

We encourage parents to check that they have their passwords to our online admissions system handy in advance of the offers being made and that their contact details are correct.

Accepting Placement Offers 

Parents who receive successful offers must accept or decline these offers by 14 June 2024. The WCED is encouraging  parents to respond as quickly as possible, particularly if they have received offers from multiple schools. Accepting admission applications is crucial as they prevent 'double parking' on the system, which temporarily blocks other learners from being offered those places.

Parents need to confirm their choice of school speedily when they have received offers from multiple schools. These parents are essentially ‘double parking’ on the system, stopping schools from offering these places to other applicants until they make their choice.

The WCED said If parents fail to confirm their choice by the 14 June deadline, the system will automatically confirm the top-ranked choice of school that has made an offer. All other offers will be removed which ensures that those places can then be offered to other learners.

If a parent has not confirmed their choice by 14 June 2024, the system will automatically confirm their top-ranked choice of school that has made an offer. All other offers will then be removed, so that those places can be offered to other learners.

It's important to note that some parents will not receive placement offers on 30 May 2024. However, the WCED says these parents will receive placement offers as soon as they become available. 

Parents who do not receive an offer on 30 May 2024 should not be disheartened: thousands of additional offers can be made to parents who were not successful initially, as other parents confirm their choices and free up spaces.

The WCED says they remain committed to placing every learner whose parents applied on time as quickly as possible. 

We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to place every learner whose parents applied on time as quickly as possible.

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