Unisa Commences With October/November Final Exams

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Unisa students are now writing their final exams for the year as they sit down for the October/November examination period for the 2023 academic year. There a few important things students should remember during this exams.


On 2 October, students all around South Africa who attend the largest open distance learning university in the country, Unisa, saw the start of their October/November final exams for this year. 

Students are advised to thoroughly reading the exam rules. This is particularly important because failing to abide by the specified exam rules can result in disqualification without the possibility of writing a supplementary exam.

The university has also urged students to ensure that their exam preparations are in line with planned load-shedding schedules. 

During this exam period, students will be given 30 minutes to upload their answer scripts for their written examinations on the official myExams platform and have only one submission opportunity for multiple-choice question examinations.

Unisa's exams are fully done online and with the rise of AI, this is definitely something to worry about. However, the university has made the following clear:

The use of Artificial Intelligence software (ChatGPT, etc.) and online sources (Course Material) during your online examination session is strictly prohibited.

What The Unisa Exam Result Codes Mean

Result Code 


Result Code Description 



This indicates that the student achieved a mark of 50% and above. 

Pass with distinction 

This indicates that the student achieved a mark of 75% and above. 


This indicates that the student received less than 50% and is not eligible for supplementary exams (The student will be required to re-register for the module.

Absent from examination

This indicates that Unisa did not receive a submission from the student. Undergraduate students will receive a second exam opportunity while postgraduate students will be required to re-register for the module.


Supplementary examination 

This indicates that an undergraduate student failed or was absent from the first examination opportunity


This indicates that a postgraduate student received a final mark between 40% and 49%.


Results outstanding 

This indicates that the student's submission was received by the university but marking is still in progress. 

Not admitted to an examination 

This indicates that the student did not meet the admission criteria for the relevant module. The student is required to re-register for the module


Absent - supplementary

This indicates that the student failed to use the required proctoring tool during their first examination opportunity. Students who fail to use the proctoring tool during their second exam opportunity are required to re-register for the module.


Script - Rejected 

This indicates that the student did not use the required proctoring tool or submitted a password-protected file. 


Students who are eligible for a second exam opportunity will be deferred to the next exam opportunity for the affected module. 


Students who used their second opportunity will be required to re-register for the module. 


Disciplinary pending 

This indicates that the student is suspected of academic dishonesty. Students are advised to re-register pending for the affected module pending the outcome of the disciplinary process. 

Things For Students To Remember

  • Always check your Unisa exam timetable to know which module you're writing and when
  • To access your examination question paper, you will need to go to the myExams platform.
  • Make sure that your exam tools are ready before you start such as the proctoring tool and invigilation tools.
  • Unisa has set up an extensive list of training webinars, live troubleshooting, guidelines and videos to assist with anything students would need for the exam
  • Do mock examinations before your actual exam to make sure you're prepared, both with knowledge and your tools 
  • Unisa has a zero tolerance for plagiarism and cheating during online examinations so be sure to avoid this
  • Make sure there are no technical issues before you start your exam

Should students be unable to write due to their Unisa exam falling on a holy day, they will need to apply for alternative examination arrangements.

Unisa 2024 Applications

2024 applications are now open at Unisa for those wanting to study at the university next year. This is for Undergraduate qualifications, Higher Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diplomas, Advanced Diploma and Degree programmes.

Applications for postgrad diplomas, honours, masters and doctoral degrees are also open.

Prospective students have until 13th of October to apply. This means that there is just under a month left to apply and the Masters and doctoral application deadline is 10 November.

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