Umalusi Approves Final Matric Results 2023 Release To Go Ahead

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More than one million learners participated in the 2023 end of year exams. The body tasked with ensuring the quality of the exams, Umalusi, have provided their stamp of approval. 

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Umalusi, the quality assurance body, has officially approved the release of the 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exam results. The Executive Committee of Council has approved the release of the Department of Basic Education (DBE) November 2023 NSC exam results.

Umalusi's Matric Exams Standardisation Process

This announcement follows the completion of Umalusi's quality assurance processes for various qualifications, including matric exams, National Certificate (Vocational) NCV qualifications, NATED programs, and General Education and Training Certificate (GETC): Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET).

Umalusi CEO Mafu Rakometsi  says that the council has been hard at work since the conclusion of the matric exams. Following the conclusion of marking, marks were submitted to Umalusi for standardisation process. 

During the State of Readiness Media Briefing, Umalusi highlighted potential issues such as loadshedding, community protests, and cheating that could negatively impact exam integrity. They expressed gratitude to the South African public for not using the NSC matric exams as leverage for protests, addressing concerns about hindrances affecting learners' performance.

They thanked the South African public for not using the NSC matric exams as leverage for protests. This was a concern for stakeholders in the sector who did not want hindrances affecting learners' performance in the exams. 

Regarding community protests, we have received no reports about serious cases of community protests that may have prevented candidates from writing the examinations.

Some Problems Were Found With Matric Exams

Umalusi is confident that no examination papers were leaked during the 2023 NSC exams. However, Rakometsi expressed concerns about printing errors, poor print quality, and instances of cheating and group copying.

There was also no papers leaked in these examinations 

The Physics Paper 2 was slightly compromised by poor quality printing. There were also major printing quality challenges Civil Technology Specialisation subjects were also affected. 

The poor print quality in the civil specialisation affected questions worth 60 marks in the English version and 62 marks in the Afrikaans version. 

Professor Yunus Ballim, Chairperson of the Umalusi Council, provided the Umalusi Approval Statement for the 2023 Year-End Examination Results. They congratulated all the assesment bodies for conducting the 2023 end of year exams. 

Umalusi congratulates all the assessment bodies for successfully conducting and managing the 2023 end of year examinations. Umalusi congratulates all the learners who have succeeded in the 2023 examinations.

Ballim also took the opportunity to encourage learners who were not successful in the 2023 end of year exams. 

To those learners who have not succeeded, there is another chance for you in this year's examinations. So please do not give up - work hard and you will do better this year

Public Schools Matric Exams

The DBE administered the 2023 NSC exams to 898 520 (717, 377 full-time and 181 143 part-time) candidates. They revealed that out of the 66 subjects raw marks were accepted for 49 subjects, mainly upward adjustments were made in 6 subjects, and mainly downward adjustments were made in 11 subjects.

These figures show an upward trend in the number of subjects for which raw marks were accepted in the last three years.

They announced that the EXCO of Council approves the release of the DBE November 2023 National Senior Certificate examination results. The DBE is required to block the results of all candidates implicated in irregularities, pending the outcome of the DBE investigations and verification by Umalusi.

Independent Schools IEB Matric Exam Results

The Independent Examination Bureau (IEB) administered NSC exams to  15 186 candidates (13 968 full-time and 1 218 part-time). These candidates wrote the NSC exams at 275 examination centres  Out of the 60 subjects,raw marks were accepted in 48 subjects. 

EXCO of Council approves the release of the IEB November 2023

Standaristion for the IEB NSC saw mainly upward adjustments were made in 12 subjects and no subject was adjusted mainly downward.


SACAI Administered the GETC exams to 257 candidates and all the learning areas had their results accepted as raw. 

The Umalusi EXCO of Council approves the release of the SACAI November 2023 GETC:ABET Results. 

What Is Matric Standardisation?

The annual matric standardisation meeting is a gathering of key stakeholders, including representatives from the Department of Basic Education (DBE), Umalusi, the Assessment and Standards Committee, Heads of Provincial Education Departments, The South Africans Qualifications Authority, and the Quality Council. 

The meeting addresses challenges faced by learners and teachers, considering various factors that may have influenced grade 12 examination results. Umalusi, responsible for maintaining examination standards, emphasises that standardisation aims to account for factors beyond learners' knowledge and abilities. 

The information collected during the meeting is thoughtfully reviewed, and adjustments to learners' marks are made as deemed appropriate by the stakeholders. External factors, such as loadshedding and its impact on students' preparation for exams, may also be taken into consideration during the standardisation process.

Release Of 2023 Matric Results 

Results will be released to candidates on 19 January 2024.


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