How To Appeal Your R370 Sassa Grant For June 2024

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Millions of people are set to be paid the R370 Sassa grant in June. If your Sassa grant application was unsuccessful, you can submit a SRD grant appeal. 

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The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant serves as a vital support mechanism for unemployed citizens living in South Africa. This grant helps beneficiaries put food on the table and covers essential needs.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) revealed that approximately 10 million people apply for the SRD grant, also referred to as the R370 grant, monthly. However, not everyone who applies for the R370 grant will be paid. 

Who Qualifies for the R370 Grant?

To be eligible for the R370 grant, individuals must be between 18 and 59 years old and be unemployed. They may not receive any other government financial assistance, including NSFAS bursaries, UIF benefits or other Sassa grants.

Check Your R370 Grant Application Status

If you applied for the R370 grant, you can complete a Sassa status check online using the Sassa SRD website to see if your application was successful. Doing a status check will let you know if your application was approved, rejected, or is still pending.

If your application was rejected and you believe you meet the eligibility criteria, you have the right to appeal the Sassa decision. Appeals are handled by the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).

How to Appeal a Rejected R370 Grant Application

Here's a step-by-step guide to filing an appeal with ITSAA:

  1. Visit the ITSAA website.
  2. Enter your South African ID number.
  3. Enter the cell phone number you used during the application process.
  4. Click "Send Pin" and wait for an SMS with a verification code.
  5. Once you receive the pin, enter it and click "Submit."
  6. Select the month you're appealing for (e.g., May 2023).
  7. Choose the reason for your appeal from the provided options.
  8. Click "Submit" to complete the appeal process.

It's important to note that R370 grant applicants must submit a separate appeal for each month their application was rejected. ITSAA aims to finalise appeals within 60-90 days. 

R370 Grant Still Rejected 

While the decision from the ITSAA  is final, however, applicants who are unhappy with the decision can request a judicial review. This request must be done within 180 days of receiving the ITSAA decision.

If you need to lodge a Sassa status check appeal for your Sassa grant, we have a comprehensive guide to Sassa appeals for SRD grants including the R370 SRD grant

You can also watch our YouTube video on Sassa grant appeals.

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