Department Releases Matric Results Release Schedule

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Around one million learners are currently waiting for the release of the matric exam results. The basic education department has released the matric results release schedule. 

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The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has released the official matric results release schedule. The schedule informs matric learners who recently completed their final school exams when they will receive their results. 

The #2023NSCExams have come and gone; well, at least for the candidates. Now the wait for the #MatricResults begins. 

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga will announce the final National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams on Thursday, 18 January 2024. During the ministerial announcement, pass rates for provinces will be released as well as the type of matric passes learners achieved. 

Matric Candidates will have to wait until Friday, 19 January 2024 to receive their results. These results are released at schools or examination centres where the candidate sat for their examination. Learners can also register to get their matric results online. 

While many candidates will be satisfied with their results, some may not have achieved the marks they set out to achieve. These leaders have the opportunity to improve their results without picking up a pen. 

Learners can apply for a matric exam re-mark or re-check. From 19 January 2024 learners can submit a re-mark or re-check application. 

Important Dates 

  • Thursday, 18 January 2024 - Ministerial Matric Exams Announcement 
  • Friday, 19 January 2024 - Learners receive their results 
  • Friday, 19 January 2024 - Re-mark/re-check applications

What Is A Matric Recheck

Asking to have your matric script rechecked means that your paper will be thoroughly reviewed so that they can confirm that all questions have been properly marked and that the marks have been accurately calculated. 

What Is A Matric Remark?

If candidates feel as if their assigned marks do not align with their actual performance on the written papers, they can request a re-mark of their scripts. This entails a complete re-evaluation of the original answer script by a different marker.

How to apply for a matric remark/recheck

Application forms can be obtained from the centre where the exam was written. This application can also be done online by following these steps:

  1. Visit The Government’s Official e-Services Portal 
  2. Click on the education icon, which displays a graduation cap 
  3. Select the Basic Education Option. This will cause several options to appear. 
  4. Select Re-Mark/Recheck
  5. Fill out all the required fields in the online application and ensure all the information provided is correct. 
  6. Once satisfied that all the information is correct, accept the terms and conditions by checking the designated box (√).

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Minister Motshekga cautioned candidates against disruptive behaviour at so-called pens down parties. They emphasised the need for support from parents, communities, and caregivers to ensure the safety and well-being of students during the celebratory period.


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The basic education department says all necessary measures have been taken to ensure a smooth conclusion to this year's matric examinations. There is less than a month left before matric candidates get their results. 

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Post-Matric Options


After completing your matric certificate exams, you are faced with a lot of post-matric options that can shape your future paths.

These options range from pursuing higher education at universities or colleges, entering vocational training programs, joining the workforce, or even starting your own business. There are so many choices but we are here to help.


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