Department Proposes Changes To The SRD Grant

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Earlier this month the President announced that the R350 grant will be improved. Several amendments have been proposed to the legislation under which the grant is provided. 

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Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu has proposed to make amendments to the Regulations relating to the Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. These amendments will see the implementation of the SRD grant, commonly referred to as the R350 grant, extended to 2025. 

The amendments aim to refine the administration and distribution of the grant to ensure it reaches eligible beneficiaries effectively and efficiently during the ongoing economic challenges. 

The minister's announcement means that the implementation of the Sassa SRD grant will continue to assist vulnerable people until 31 March 2025. 

To prevent and recover funds from irregular payments, the new regulations empower the agency to reclaim monies from individuals who were not eligible or who benefited improperly from the grant.

The amendments also address the issue of uncollected benefits. Beneficiaries who do not update their personal and banking details within 90 days of notification risk having their application cancelled and funds forfeited to the State. 

This provision emphasises the responsibility of applicants to ensure their contact information and banking details are current, facilitating the smooth processing and receipt of benefits.

For deceased Sassa beneficiaries, the grant will now only be paid until the end of the month in which the beneficiary died. This amendment was made to provide clarity and prevent undue payments.

A transitional provision has also been included to ensure uninterrupted assessments and payments. This means that Sassa may use data from the March 2024 assessment cycle for ongoing assessments until 31 May 2024 to ensure a seamless transition under the new regulations.

These amendments confirm the president's announcement earlier this month. In his recent SONA speech, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the extension and improvement of the SRD grant. He highlighted its crucial role in assisting the unemployed who faced challenges in seeking employment during the pandemic and related lockdowns.

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