Department Clarifies If Final Matric Exam Papers Have Leaked

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More than 900,000 leaners are currently participating in the final matric exams. Reports of examination papers leaking have sparked concern among learners and parents as may require learners to rewrite leaked exam question papers. 

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The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has disputed claims that several grade 12 examination questions have leaked. The department is calling on members of the public to ignore these claims as no major incidents have been reported related to the 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations.

On Monday, 30 October 2023 the NSC exams commenced with around 900,000 learners participating in their final matric examinations. A lot of emphasis has been placed on maintaining the integrity of the examination through the implementation of policies to prevent learners from having access to question papers before their exams. 

The DBE has become aware of fake social media posts that suggest that some Matric examination question papers have leaked. These posts are fake and misleading and seek to cause unnecessary confusion and panic. 

The department reassured learners that no question papers had leaked. Leaked examination papers could have several consequences including requiring learners to rewrite the exams. 

… wishes to reassure the National Senior Certificate candidates, their parents and guardians and members of the public that there have been no examination paper leaks not an announcement about any rewrite of any papers whatsoever

It was revealed that a total of 136 of the 231 question papers have already been written. The department believes that the lack of irregularities up to this point demonstrated that the controls put in place have been effective. 

This implies that the measures put in place to secure the examinations are working well thus far. 

Systems In Place To Prevent Cheating 

Dr Mafu Rakometsi, the CEO of Umalusi, explained that the system put in place by the education departments has undergone an audit, revealing their preparedness to conduct, administer, and manage exams. 

While the audit identified certain weaknesses, Rakometsi assured that these issues would not compromise the credibility of the exams. Measures will be taken by the Department to address and rectify these weaknesses before the commencement of the final matric exams at the end of October.

Umalusi also examines the printing, packaging, storage, and distribution of examination materials, emphasising that inconsistencies in these processes could potentially lead to the leakage of question papers and answer books.

The DBE has thanked all stakeholders who are working to make the 2023 Matric exams a success and has urged learners to apply their minds with diligence for the remainder of the 2023 matric exams. 

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