Cheating In Matric Exams Can Derail Your Future


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With the matric exams approaching, parents might find that their children are anxious or more on edge that usual. That might be because exam stress is already starting to take its toll on learners. The pressure is high and often is the reason why learners consider taking shortcuts like cheating during exams.

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Government schools in South Africa will commence with the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations on 31 October 2022. In previous years, the education department has reported numerous cases of exam irregularities and cheating scandals that nearly led to a rewrite of certain NSC exam papers.

In the past, learners were caught cheating by copying from another student, using question papers, crib notes, cell phones and writing answers on water bottles or other stationery. 

If any of these signs of misconduct or irregularity are displayed during an exam, an investigation will take place and if learners are found guilty, they will face serious consequences. They could be disqualified from the exam, and even be barred from writing one to three subsequent examinations.

In the latest episode of ‘Elijah Unpacks’, hosted by the Department of Basic Education's spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga, he speaks about the dangers of cheating during any examination but particularly the matric exams.

“If you are in grade 12, don’t get involved in cheating. Every year since I joined the department, I see learners whose lives were ruined by cheating in exams.” says Mhlanga. 

He warns that there are young people who have still have not received their results many years after writing.

“Every year the department will ask learners to sign a pledge, the pledge is meant remind you of your responsibilities to write a fair and clean exam and to make sure you prepare for it”

Elijah added that over the years, learners have adopted new ways to cheat this includes receiving help from invigilating staff. 

“No matter how desperate or anxious you might be, please make sure you do not get involve in cheating and prepare for exams instead.”

Instead of taking shortcuts learners are advised to prepare ahead of time, by doing all their work and forming study groups to provide assistance to others who need guidance or help with the curriculum. 




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