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Are You Looking For An Internship Programme?

Internships provide you with great work experience that looks great on your CV and helps you to get a permanent job within your career interest, especially if you're recent graduates. Paid internships for 2024 are available now and we feature all the latest internship programme opportunities here and you can register for these paid internships if they are suitable for you.


What Are Internship Programmes Exactly?

An internship programme is form of employment where people with limited or no experience are given as well as looking at diverse academic backgrounds and recent graduates. 

One of the advantages of internship programmes is that the internship positions can be in any area of the company and at any level, and you can find yourself in an interesting working environment. Some internships are for young people who have just left school - others are for those who have just graduated with a bachelor's degree or diploma.

Internship Vacancies Updated Daily on Careers Portal

The team at Careers Portal are laser focused on providing quality information for our readers on the latest Learnerships and internships that are available. We know that internships and Learnerships are in short supply so we try to get the information to our readers as soon as we can so they can be at the front of the queue for these opportunities. These internship vacancies in South Africa  serve as a job alert for our readers who are looking for internship jobs or maybe also a graduate internship programme. We know that the great thing about an internship opportunity is that it allows you to gain hands on experience in a workplace.

Paid Internship 2024

One of the most common questions asked about internships is whether you get paid.

In South Africa employers usually recognise that the process of attending work every day costs money when participating in an internship programme. So you should be paid a stipend, or a small payment, to at least cover the costs of your employment. You might need to buy some new clothes for work, and traveling to work each day also costs money.

In 2024 Internships in South Africa should come with some payment. This is better than many internships overseas which are unpaid. This tends to be limiting as only young people from a wealthy background can afford to work on an internship for free. For unemployed young people even the process of job seeking costs money that they may not have.

Work Experience During Internship Jobs

Although you will never get rich on an internship, the experience gained while participating in an internship programme is of great value. Even if you have qualifications to place on your CV it is still a problem for many young people who don't have work experience.

Internships are a way of gaining work experience and employers gain extra staff at a lower than normal rate. They normally entail full time work at the employ but it is also possible to have part time internships - although these are not common. 

Top Companies Offering Internship Jobs

Popular companies like Foschini group that employ a lot of staff are often among the top employers of interns. It make sense for them to do that because it allows them to see how the interns perform at the workplace and then the best of then can possibly be employed after the internship is over. The human resources department will normally review the staff on an internship to see who is suitable for a full-time internship job.

Companies that often offer internships include Eskom, SAB, Transnet, Clicks, Absa, Discovery, Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Foschini Group, and others.

Seta Internships on our Job Portal

The Setas provide Learnerships and internships for young people. Learnerships are formal programmes that have a legally stipulated stipend to be paid to be each full time learner. Internship opportunities are much more informal as each company can decide on the terms of the internship.

The Seta internship positions are slightly more formal as the Seta, for example the Services Seta, will specify the duration of the internship, how much should be paid to each person on the internship and whether it's full-time or part-time. So when you see the Services Seta, or any of the other Setas, offering internship opportunities you know they will have good standards.

Government Internships 2024 South Africa

Internships with government departments are very popular and are a great learning experience where you will gain hands on experience. The government is a very desirable employer as they pay good benefits and have good work practices. Internships don't offer the same practices  as full time employment - but doing well on an internship programme can open the door to a full time job in the future. Unemployed graduates are often offered places on a government internship 2024 and they help you gain hands on experience working in government departments. They are a less formal version of a Learnership programme.

Internship 2024 Internship Jobs

Before you apply for these internships 2024 you should review the details of each of them Successful applicants are often those who have followed all the details closely. Internships are variable and there are many different options.

Graduate Internship Programme Available in South Africa

Some internships are for junior positions but they are also available for graduates. Now the definition of graduate changes and sometimes it just means someone who has graduated from school - meaning they have Matric. But graduate can also mean you have graduated from College or from university with a diploma or a degree. Each graduate internship programme will have it's own definition of graduate and it's own entry requirements.

Gauteng South Africa Internship Jobs

Some SA internship options are for matriculants, some are graduate internships for those who have completed studying. We have human resources HR internship programme, Government internships, SAPS internships, SETA internships, quality assurance internship, online internships in Cape Town and other provinces and loads more. There are also opportunities in the humanitarian sector for unemployed young people to go on a graduate internship programme.

IT Internships 2024 Available in South Africa

Another popular area for internships are IT internships 2024. The importance of IT in business continues to grow every year so the IT internships are also growing more relevant every year. You will find the latest IT internships listed on our Job Portal and here on the Careers Portal, and they are updated daily.


After you register we will inform you whenever new internship opportunities become available.

Other Articles About Internship Jobs


Are you a graduate who has the ambition and drive to shape their own world? If that is you, the Santam Graduate Programme will provide you with an exciting opportunity to kick-start and accelerate your career path.

DHL is one of the world’s largest employers, operating in over 220 countries and territories. At DHL Supply Chain South Africa, they’re looking for graduates to join their team.

Are you a graduate looking for your first-time job experience? Feenix has some exciting intern positions. Apply now!

PricewaterhouseCoopers has various graduate jobs available. Let’s put your skills to work in new and unexpected ways.

There are 100 vacancies for casual workers to work for the Agricultural Research Council in a range of tasks. If you have good written and verbal communication skills with at least grade 10, this could be for you.

If you have studied engineering geology then this 2-year internship opportunity is just the thing you've been looking for.

This internship will provide an introduction to the world of programmatic advertising on various global digital platforms like Google, Facebook Business Manager, Twitter, TikTok, DV360, Google Marketing Platform and others. This fixed-term internship is offered in Sandton.

Here is your chance to get a start in the advertising and marketing industry with internships available at international ad agency grouping, Dentsu.

A two-year internship is available now for graduates in Gauteng who would like to contribute to their community as a part of the provincial Department of Human Settlements.

If you are in Matric the Informal Economy Development Forum have development a work readiness program just for you. They believe youth should have access to limitless opportunities to reach their full potential after school so this program will show you have to access education and training opportunities - and also give you work readiness skills for the world of work or to start their own businesses.

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