Let the Careers Portal help you find a job within your chosen field of study. We have the latest graduate programmes with companies like Telkom, Transnet, Eskom, Sasol, Nedbank and many more. Graduate programmes offer a great opportunity for work based experience after you've completed your studies and can set you on the path to your chosen career, whether it's Human Resources (HR), Engineering, Accounting or IT we make sure that the most current opportunities find their way to our website.

Not all Toyota's Opportunities is Mechanical or Engineering related. Toyota has made various Graduate Opportunities Available in a number of Fields such as Communications, Finance, Marketing, Economic and Business Management.


Graduates in their Final Year of Study or have a Completed their Qualification in Industrial Engineering are Encouraged to Apply.


Graduates in the Human Resources discipline, who are serious about developing and advancing their careers are invited to apply at Toyota.


Toyota’s Mechanical Graduate Trainee Programme focuses on developing talented individuals for positions requiring a high level of technical and managerial responsibility.


Public Investment Corporation are looking for graduates/internships, who are self-motivated, achievement- driven and flexible; Students who are able to think on their feet in a fast changing world.


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