False Bay TVET College Celebrates Remarkable Achievements at National Skills Competition

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False Bay TVET College proudly congratulates its students for their outstanding performances at the recent National Skills Competition. Kai Petersen, Tanisha Ramandh, and Ubaidullah Moses have showcased exceptional skill and dedication, bringing honour to the college and South Africa.

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Kai Petersen has secured the prestigious GOLD in Spray Painting, showcasing not only his talent but also his commitment to excellence in his craft. Jevon Daniels, Education Specialist, and coach said, “Kai has put many hours of training in the workshop and at the host employer."

Despite having a hearing disability, he is excelling in the trade of spray painting. I look forward to tracking his career growth trajectory.

Tanisha Ramandh has demonstrated remarkable proficiency in Restaurant Services, earning a well-deserve SILVER. Additionally, Ubaidullah Moses has displayed exemplary skills in Automotive Body Repair, clinching the BRONZE.

Such remarkable achievements underscore the high caliber of education and training provided by False Bay TVET College. These students' successes are a testament to their hard work, determination, and the unwavering support of their instructors and mentors.

Furthermore, False Bay TVET College is thrilled to announce that Kai Petersen will represent both the college and South Africa at the International World Skills Competition in France. This is a tremendous opportunity for Kai to showcase his skills on a global stage and to inspire others with his talent and dedication.

False Bay TVET College extends its heartfelt congratulations to Kai, Tanisha, Ubaidullah, and all the students who participated in the National Skills Competition. Their achievements serve as a source of pride and inspiration for the entire college community.

About World Skills

WorldSkills Competitions are the gold standard of skills excellence. They inspire young Competitors to reach new heights, helping them turn their passion into a profession.

An international charity that organizes world and national championships for vocational skills. These competitions are held every two years in different parts of the world.

Additionally, WorldSkills hosts conferences about vocational skills, bringing together experts and enthusiasts to discuss and promote excellence in various fields. The goal is to raise the profile and recognition of skilled professionals globally, emphasizing the importance of skills in achieving economic growth and societal betterment.

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