What is the Role of Umalusi? Matric Results And A Lot More


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What is the role that the quality assurance body Umalusi plays in the South African education system - and does it go further than just the Matric exams?

Umalusi is responsible for the quality assurance of assessment in the Grade 12 year and issues the National Senior Certificate to successful candidates. 

Umalusi is the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, which is responsible for the quality assurance of education and training in South Africa. Its main role is to ensure that qualifications in the General and Further Education and Training bands are of a high standard and are internationally recognised.

Specifically, Umalusi's role includes:

  1. Accreditation: Umalusi accredits private and public education and training providers that offer qualifications in the General and Further Education and Training bands.

  2. Quality assurance: Umalusi ensures that assessment practices, examinations, and qualifications are of a high standard and meet the requirements of the National Qualifications Framework.

  3. Certification: Umalusi is responsible for the certification of qualifications in the General and Further Education and Training bands.

  4. Monitoring and evaluation: Umalusi monitors and evaluates the quality of education and training providers and the qualifications they offer to ensure that they meet the required standards.

Overall, Umalusi plays a crucial role in ensuring that the education and training system in South Africa is of a high standard and produces graduates who are well-equipped for the workforce and for further study.

Matric Exams

Umalusi is responsible for ensuring the security of the Matric exam papers before the exams. They make sure that there are back up exam papers available in case an exam paper is leaked ahead of time.

After the exams have been written Umalusi serves a moderation role by reviewing the completed exam papers to ensure that the marks are fair.

When they approve the final marks they authorise the Department of Basic Education to allow the Minister to release the results to the public.

Replacement Matric Exam Certificates

Umalusi is responsible for managing the distribution of replacement Matric exam certificates if learners lose their original copies.


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