What Is CACH And How Does It Work?

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Some individuals wanted to study but could not secure placement. The CACH system plays a critical role in connecting prospective students to institutions that can accommodate them. 

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The Central Applications Clearing House (CACH) serves as a critical tool in placing students in colleges and universities around South Africa. The system, which is free to use, ensures that institutions of higher education can fill available space with applicants who registered on CACH. 

Matthew Makgopela, a project coordinator at the Department of Higher Education and Training spoke to Careers Portal to tell us more about CACH, how it works and the transformative role it plays in students' lives.

It's purpose is to clear applicants who could not secure a place of study at the institutions they applied to during the application period

Makgopela believes that CACH serves as a lifeline for those who missed out on initial placements at universities and colleges for this year. 

We have learners who applied in the previous year and were not accepted. Those learners would be transferred onto CACH, providing them with another opportunity.

The system extends beyond mere placement, piloting the Care Service (CAS), a mechanism for applications to multiple universities, colleges, and schools. 

How does CACH work?

Makgopela explains that once an applicant registers, details are loaded onto the database. institutions with available spaces log onto the system, searching for applicants meeting the criteria for academic programmes. They will then offer a place to suitable candidates. 

He emphasises the importance of timing and competition:

From January to March, institutions cleared spaces that were not filled during the initial cycle. However, competition remains fierce, with no guarantee of placement.

CACH does not select prospective students to be considered for space. It is the prerogative of institutions to select students on the CACH database.

Prospective students have two days to accept or reject an offer. A maximum of three offers will be made to prospective students thereafter they are removed from the database and will not be allowed to sign up again.

CACH urged all prospective students to respond to all offers made to them. It is not wrong to reject an offer.

CACH acts as a centralised hub, streamlining the application process and alleviating the chaos of multiple submissions. Makgopela explained that the system places students at the central point and makes them visible to all institutions in the country.

"In simple terms, we are a repository, a central place where details of people seeking places of study are captured, simplifying your life as a member of the public."


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