Walter Sisulu University 2024 Registration Now Open

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Registrations for the 2024 academic year are open at the Walter Sisulu University. Walter Sisulu University’s mission is to provide quality teaching and learning, research, innovation and community engagement.

Walter Sisulu University (WSU) has now opened registrations for both new and returning students for the 2024 academic year. Registration is done online and therefore students can register from wherever they are.

Students are reminded that they need to register before they will be allowed to attend lectures and gain access to student cards on campus.

WSU Registration Dates

  • Returning students: 10 January - 2 February 2024
  • First Time Entering/New students: 22 January - 26 January 2024

How To Register

  1. You must first be admitted to a qualification so you should first confirm your admission status on the WSU website.
  2. Go to the iTS Enabler
  3. Log in on the online portal using your student number and pin
  4. Select “Rules and Regulations” on the left
  5. Read the document and take note of the contents thereof. If you agree to the rules and regulations, click on the “I accept” button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Select “Submit Registration” on the left.
  7. Select your employment status in the drop-down list in the field “Employment Status”.
  8. Click on “Save and Continue”.
  9. Select your subjects/ modules by ticking the box next to each subject/module.
  10. Click on “Save and Continue”.
  11. Click on “Save and Continue” if you are absolutely sure that you have selected the correct subjects/ modules, offering types and periods of study.
  12. Click on the “I Accept Registration” button to finalize the registration process.
  13. Click on “Proof of Registration” to print your proof of registration.
  14. Collect your Proof of Registration and check that you are registered for the correct subjects/ modules. If not, seek help before you proceed to the next step.
  15. Produce your proof of registration to the dedicated Admissions and Registration service desk at your campus to get your student card

Compulsory registration documents

Certified copies of the following documents must be uploaded/ submitted on the day of

  • Copy of bar-coded identity document (ID) or passport.
  • Copy of Grade 12 NSC final results or equivalent.
  • Copy of degree certificate (if applicable).
  • Copy of academic record (if applicable).
  • Copy of Certificate of Conduct from previous institution (if applicable).

Walter Sisulu University Courses

  • Business Sciences 
  • Science, Engineering & Technology
  • Education
  • Management Sciences
  • Commerce & Administration
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities, Social Sciences & Law
  • Natural Sciences
  • Economics & Information Systems
  • Educational Sciences

The university has four campuses, namely Buffalo City, Butterworth, Mthatha, and Komani.


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