How To Access Your MyLife Unisa Email Address: Your Comprehensive Guide

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If you're a Unisa student or you're going to be one, your mylife email account is going to play a very important role in your higher education years. Here's all the details on how to access your Unisa mylife account.


If you are a registered student at the University of South Africa (Unisa) or you’re intending on pursuing your studies through the institution you will have access to student online tools that will assist you in your academics anywhere in the world.

Your MyLife Email Account

After a student has been registered to study at the university, they receive a free mylife e mail account and it is the student’s responsibility to activate their myLife e-mail account as soon as their Unisa registration has been finalised.

It is for this reason that the public institution insists students hurriedly submit their online registration to avoid doing things at the last minute, especially during the peak period at Unisa.

When Do Unisa Students Register?

Unisa students are allowed to submit their online registration only once they have received and accepted a placement offer from the university.

This is followed by the institution sending registration details during the relevant registration period and the university takes pride in its online registration system as it is quick, simple, and accurate. 

Although the institution will occasionally send SMSs and letters, these will not be the main channels of communication as the official communication from the university will be sent via e-mail to a student's myLife e-mail account.

In the event of students receiving phishing scams involving their emails, Unisa has urged them to ignore such messages and NOT to click on the links provided, nor fill in the said form requiring their details. 

It is vitally important that registered Unisa students know how to activate their mylife e mail account, and they may enquire with the university’s student services on this can be done. “You must activate your myUnisa account before you can use your mylife e mail account,” indicated the public institution.

Whilst some people might be considering using their personal email address, the institution insists that they use the Unisa email.

According to Unisa, this may take up to 24 hours for the student’s myLife e-mail account to be created, and this there only e mail account recognised by the public institution.

How Unisa Students Will Benefit From The MyLife E mail Account?

Unisa students have been urged to please log out of their mail address when they are done using it and accessing it through a public computer or device.
Unisa permits its students to access their mail account from any network and from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access and also use the correct device.

It will be through this platform that students will have access 
However, students will need to first claim their myUnisa account to receive important communication from the university.

This may be done by students visiting the MyUnisa website and clicking on "Claim Unisa login" but they will need to follow these steps carefully.

Here’s How A Unisa Student May Access Their MyLife Email 

  • Click on the Unisa login page
  • To log in to MyLife, students may click on the myLife email option on the login page and the page will direct them to Microsoft Outlook on Office 365
  • Enter the Unisa myLife email address and password. It is important that students make sure that they are using their correct login credentials. 
  • Then Click 'Sign in'.

What to do if your password is not active on myLife / Office 365?

The University of South Africa has confirmed that it may be necessary for students to reset their myUnisa password to synchronise it with their myLife mailbox. You will need this to get your Unisa MyLife email access.

These are the steps that the Unisa students ought to follow in order to resolve issues that they have such as the password that is not active:

  • Login to myUnisa and click on "My Admin".
  • Click on the "Change Password" link.
  • Complete the form to update your password. Please note that this new password will be active for both your myUnisa and myLife services.

For further assistance, students may also contact the public institutions’ student services as there are Unisa officials that are available but they will need to first make an appointment to receive their assistance.

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If you're a Unisa student or you're going to be one, your myLife email account is going to play a very important role in your higher education years. Here's how to activate it.

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