List Of All Universities Of Technology

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Universities of Technology in South Africa are public institutions that offer degrees, diplomas and certificates in a wide range of academic disciplines.


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Universities of Technology are popular with young people because their degrees, diplomas and certificates are respected by employers. They balance a good academic grounding as well as a practical focus on the careers that they are linked to.

As well as teaching the theory of the subjects they cover, they also place an emphasis on problem solving and are more career focused than traditional universities, which are often more research based.

Here is a list of all the universities of technology across South Africa:

Universities and universities of technology offer similar qualifications ranging from Higher Certificates (as the entry into higher education) up to Doctoral degrees. The main difference between universities of technology and universities is that universities of technology focus on technology innovation and transfer and offer technological career-directed educational programmes. 

According to Bridge, "Many of the programmes offered include work-integrated learning that requires students to complete a structured programme while working in an organisation. This exposure to industry develops additional competencies that are not gained through purely academic programmes and assists graduates to find employment after graduation."


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The impact of globalisation, changing work trends, new modes of knowledge production, the impact of the Internet and new access to learning material are having a major influence on the restructuring of higher education institutions in South Africa and worldwide.

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