Apply to Mangosuthu University of Technology For 2024

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Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) seeks to be distinguished and will stand out among all others because of superiority in performance in selected fields as a University of Technology. Apply to be a student there in 2024 now.

2024 applications are now open at Mangosuthu University of Technology. Applications are to be done online.

Mangosuthu University of Technology offers a variety of departments. These include Engineering, Natural Sciences and Management Sciences.

    Minimum Entrance Requirements

    • National Senior Certificate with a diploma pass or N3 with 50% pass in Mathematics and English
    • A minimum of 5 subjects with level 4 pass for diploma study and level 3 for Access Courses
    • English Home Language or First Additional language, level 4 pass
    • Specific subject combination and pass level relevant to the qualification
    • Minimum points as per faculty requirement and as listed on the CAO handbook

    How To Apply

    Applications to study at MUT are done through the Central Applications Office (CAO). CAO applications are done in three ways:

    CAO application fees work a bit different. This means that you pay R250 for South Africans citizens and R300 for international applicants and this will cover all the applications done for all Universities in the province, using CAO.

    How To Track Your Application

    1. Go to the CAO Website
    2. Click on My Application
    3. Fill in details and follow the prompts
    4. You should be able to view your status then

    Applications close on 30 September.

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