Unisa Courses To Do If You Want To Be A Traffic Officer

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Traffic officers ensure traffic safety and efficiency on the roads. If you would like to know which courses are necessary to become a traffic officer, then here is all you need to know.

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Traffic officers allow road users and pedestrians to use the road in a safe manner. Some of their duties include directing traffic, administering federal traffic money, managing accidents, and educating the public on laws and safety guidelines. 

Unfortunately, the University of South Africa (Unisa) does not fall within the 14 traffic colleges. Unisa does not offer any traffic officer courses either. 

They do however offer a similar course, the Diploma in Policing. To study this, you need to have:

  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) (Diploma endorsement) with at least 50% in the language of teaching and learning, or
  • a Senior Certificate (SC) with at least a D symbol on HG or a C symbol on SG in the language of teaching and learning, or
  • a Higher Certificate.

Before people can become traffic officers, they can also attend a traffic college. South Africa has 14 traffic colleges to choose from. It is also possible to qualify via a Traffic Officer Learnership programme.

Applicants interested in applying to traffic college will need to meet the following requirements:

  • South African citizenship
  • Not be older than 35 years of age.
  • Grade 12 certificate or equivalent.
  • Code B driving Licence (manual transmission).
  • No criminal record.
  • Medical certificate - which clears the person to do strenuous exercises. 

Traffic colleges equip students with the skills to be traffic officers. Many colleges provide programmes that last between 6 months and a year. 

Some of the modules taught at traffic college include:

  • Discipline and Code of Conduct/Compliments and Saluting
  • Traffic management
  • Labour relations and occupational safety
  • South African Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • National Road Traffic Act 93/96
  • Basic Accident Recording
  • Incident Management
  • Basic Firefighting
  • First Aid

Once students have completed all their modules, they will need to pass their practical and theoretical assessments. Then they will need to be employed by the provincial government, a municipality, or a government entity such as the Road Traffic Management Corporation or the Cross Border Road Transport Agency.

Jobs available in the traffic department are advertised on social media and in newspapers. Traffic officers may contact any local or provincial authority to enquire about vacancies and when they will be advertised.


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According to the traffic training policy, one has to first apply for a post in the local media before being registered at an academy. Below is information in this regard.

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