How To Track Your Unisa Application

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Applying to universities will find some asking questions and needing guidance. Here's some guidance on how to track your Unisa application after you've submitted it.


Unisa offers Undergraduate qualifications (higher certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas & degrees), Honours degrees & postgraduate diplomas are now open. 

Unisa is a university which utilises the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) method which allows students to have their own schedule.

If you've finished your application and received confirmation from the University that they've received it, then you're going to want to keep updated with where and how far your application is. The way to do that is to track your application status for online applications. 

How To Track Your Unisa Application Status

  1. Head to the Unisa website

  2. Click on 'Apply'

  3. Under the qualification you applied for, click on the option which applies to you (First-time applicants or Returning students

  4. Click on 'Apply for admission'

  5. Scroll and click on 'How to apply' button

  6. Scroll to the bottom and select the bubble next to status.

  7. Fill in your details, such as your student number, and it should then show you what the current status of your application is.

  8. If you're accepted, you'll need to accept the offer here.

  9. Scroll to the bottom and select the bubble next to 'Offer'

  10. After accepting, you'll need to register and then you can consider yourself a student of Unisa.

All applications for admission must be submitted online during the prescribed application period.

The verification of applications takes some time. You may only receive feedback from Unisa six to eight weeks after the closing date for applications.

What to do if your Unisa application is still pending

If your Unisa application status is still pending and you haven't received a decision yet, there are a few steps you can take.

First, be patient. The application process can take some time, especially during peak applications period. It's important to give the university enough time to review your application thoroughly.

However, if it has been an unusually long time and you haven't heard anything, you can contact the Unisa admissions office for an update.

They will be able to provide you with more information about the status of your application and any potential delays. This applies to undergraduate courses, postgrad courses, as well as to a master's or doctoral qualification.

Additionally, make sure to check your email regularly, as Unisa may send updates or requests for additional information through email about your application status.

Finally, continue to monitor your application status online. It's possible that the status may change without you receiving a notification, so it's important to regularly check for any updates.

Common reasons for application delays and how to resolve them

There are several common reasons why your Unisa application status may experience delays. One common reason is missing or incomplete documentation, such as a copy of your national senior certificate or other school qualifications. In some cases, they might ask for your marriage certificate.

It's important to ensure that you have submitted all the required documents when you apply for admission and that they are filled out correctly to try to get your admission status. You should also pay your application fee as soon as you can.

If you realize that you have missed something or made a mistake, you should contact the admissions office as soon as possible to rectify the issue.

Another common reason for delays is a high volume of applications. During peak application periods, such as the start of a new semester, the admissions office may be overwhelmed with applications, leading to longer processing times.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do in this situation except to be patient and wait for your application to be reviewed.

Technical issues can also cause delays in the application process. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the online application system or if you are unable to access your student portal, it's important to reach out to the Unisa IT support team for assistance.

Head to our Unisa page to find out everything you need to know.


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Unisa is a university which uses the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) method which allows students to have their own schedule. Applying to universities will find some students asking questions and needing guidance about the online application process. We have the answers for you!


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