UCT Online High School Learner Crowned SACAI Top Achiever

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Matric exams can be a daunting prospect for learners. UCT Online High School learners have excelled despite not following traditional schooling with one of their learners achieving first place in the country. 

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The UCT Online High School (OHS) is celebrating the success of learners in the 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams. Three of the UCT online high school's learners placed in the top twelve nationally with the examination body SACAI. 

SACAI is one of the examination bodies accredited to assess the NSC examinations. SACAI achieved a 72% pass rate in the 2023 NSC exams. 

Tanya Du Toit achieved the prestigious title of SACAI's number 1 learner nationwide after achieving 6 distinctions and an impressive overall average of 89.5%.

Tanya expressed gratitude towards her parents, teachers, and the supportive environment at  UCT Online High School. 

For the most part, I am filled with an overwhelming amount of gratitude. I am so thankful for the constant encouragement from my parents throughout the year, and from my chief invigilator during the exam season.

Her sentiments echoed in her parent's words, as Francois du Toit, an ex-teacher himself, commended the professionalism and support offered by UCT OHS, emphasising the peace of mind it brought to their family.

Leo Mischker, who secured the 8th position nationally, credited his success to the transformative experience of online schooling. He says the self-responsibility and accountability that online schooling required gave him greatly benefitted him. 

If I had not made the change to UCT OHS I doubt I would have attained the final matric results I have now. Everything about the online education model: such as the required self-responsibility and accountability for my own work gave me the perfect environment to thrive.

Leo's father, Claus Mischker, praised UCT OHS for its intuitive platform and the flexibility it offered, enabling Leo to excel academically while accommodating travel opportunities.

I particularly like the intuitive structure of UCT Online High School’s platform, in that it puts emphasis on the learner to be conscientious about scheduling, tasks, progress and feedback more so than in a physical school, in my view. 

Leo achieved 5 distinctions and an average of 84%. 

Rochelle de Bruin, rounding up the Top 12 emphases the power of education in transforming lives. She achieved 5 distinctions and had an average of 83,5%

I matriculated last year through UCT OHS. I was extremely excited to receive my matric results, knowing how hard I had worked the entirety of my matric year, so receiving the news of a top 12 position was quite electrifying – it is definitely a feeling I will be holding on to.

Rochelle's parents, Ronel and her husband, expressed immense pride in their daughter's resilience and dedication, highlighting the pivotal role of UCT OHS in nurturing Rochelle's academic journey.

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UCT Online High School is currently working with notable corporate and philanthropic partners to join them in empowering the future of South Africa. The aim is to make education more accessible to a diverse range of learners who may not afford the full tuition. 


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