Student Portal - How Do They Work? Your Guide To College Portals

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If you are going to be studying at a college, university or other educational institution do they have a student portal? And what are student portals all about? We have the information for you to consider when you are looking at your new college's portal.

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An educational institution's student portal webpage typically provides a range of features and resources to help students manage their academic and administrative tasks. Here are some common features that students might find:

Dashboard Overview

A landing page that displays important notices, upcoming events, deadlines, application status, and personalized student information.

Profile Management Simplified

Current students can view and edit their personal details, contact information, and update passwords.

Academic Records Available Online

Access to past and current transcripts and grades. Attendance records may also be available.

Course Registration Simplified

Current students can enroll in courses, drop classes, or view their current course schedules.

Assignment and Exam Schedules Online

Information about upcoming assignments, projects, and exams. Some portals let you submit assignments online.

E-Learning Resources Available

Access to online course materials, reading lists, lecture slides, videos, and other digital resources.

Library Access Simplified

Direct links to the institution's library system, including search functions, digital resources, and booking tools for study rooms.

Communication Tools

This might include institutional email access, message boards, or systems to communicate directly with professors and other students.

Billing and Payments

Students can view tuition bills, payment histories, and make online payments. They might also see information about financial aid or scholarships here. The NSFAS portal MyNSFAS allows you to manage your NSFAS bursary.

Campus News and Events

Updates on what's happening around the campus, including news, events, workshops, etc.

Feedback and Surveys

Institutions might seek feedback about courses, faculty, facilities, or services.

Campus Resources

Links to various on-campus resources, like health services, counseling, academic advising, clubs and organizations, etc.

Academic Calendar

Important academic dates, holidays, and deadlines.

Career Services

Resources for job searching, internships, resume building, and career-related workshops.

Emergency Alerts

Notifications about campus emergencies or important safety information for current students.

Technical Support

Resources for tech help, including FAQs, chatbots, or direct links to IT support.

Collaboration Tools

Some portals might integrate with tools like Google Drive or Microsoft Office for collaborative projects.

Extracurricular Activities

Information about clubs, organizations, and other non-academic activities.

Alumni Network

For institutions that want to keep their graduates engaged, there might be links or resources related to alumni events and networking opportunities.

Authentication System

To ensure security, most student portals require login credentials. There may also be multi-factor authentication features in place.


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