TVET Colleges in South Africa - All Technical, Vocational, Education and Training Colleges

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University is not your only option for furthering your education - TVET Colleges are also a great option. Here is a list of South Africa's TVET colleges. NSFAS funding is available if you study at TVET Colleges.

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TVET Colleges in South Africa

A TVET college refers to a Technical and Vocational Education and Training college. It is an educational institution that offers practical vocational training programs and technical skills development to equip students with the knowledge and skills required for specific trades or professions.

Best TVET Colleges in South South

You might be looking for the best TVET College in South Africa but there's no easy answer to that search. All TVET Colleges are public and run by the Department of Higher Education and Training - and also all TVET Colleges offer the very nearly the same NCV and Nated courses. So when it comes to finding the best TVET College it usually comes down to finding the TVET College that is close to you and easy to get to.

What is Technical and Vocational Education and Training?

TVET colleges focus on providing hands-on training and practical skills in various fields such as engineering, construction, healthcare, business, hospitality, information technology, and more. Young people should consider technical vocational education if they find they are more comfortable at this type of learning than they are with more academic learning.

Before 2010 they were known as FET College but since then they have been rebranded as TVET Colleges. 

If you'd rather work hard with practical activities  than spending your time reading books and articles, TVET college courses could be for you! You should consider applying online to study at your local TVET College.

All TVET Colleges fall under the government's Department of Higher Education and Training - the same department that supervises universities in the country. So you can be comfortable that TVET Colleges are a legitimate alternative to other higher education options.

Applications Open

Applications are open at many TVET Colleges for study in 2024 and 2025..

TVET Colleges Near Me

The great thing about the the fact that there are 50 TVET Colleges in South Africa is that there is likely to be a TVET vocational college near you providing continuing education.  TVET Colleges are public colleges, and full under the Department of Higher Education and Training. Each college is run by a College Council and is responsible for delivering education and training to their community.

Here's a list of the TVET Colleges found in South Africa that provide vocational education and training, according to the province. For example if you are in Cape Town there are a number of TVET Colleges you can choose from. The same with Johannesburg, Durban and other urban areas.

TVET Colleges in Gauteng

There are Gauteng TVET Colleges:

KwaZulu-Natal Colleges

Western Cape Colleges

Eastern Cape Colleges

Free State Colleges

Limpopo Colleges

Mpumalanga Colleges

Northern Cape Colleges

North West Colleges

What Courses Do Techncial, Vocational and Educational Training Colleges Offer?

TVET colleges often offer a range of certificate and diploma courses that are shorter in duration compared to traditional higher education programmes.

These courses are designed to prepare students for the job market and provide them with practical skills that can lead to employment opportunities or further studies. So they provide young people with an attractive alternative to university education.

The programmes offered by TVET colleges are typically tailored to meet the needs of industries and the local job market, ensuring that students who study at a TVET educational college receive training in areas where there is demand for skilled workers.

TVET colleges play a crucial role in promoting technical and vocational education through their programmes, bridging the skills gap, and addressing the needs of industries. This is to make college studies and training and alternative route for any young student.

They provide an alternative pathway to higher education and offer opportunities for individuals to acquire valuable skills and qualifications that can enhance their employability and career prospects.

Does NSFAS Pay for TVET College Fees and Allowances for Students?

TVET vocational colleges are public education institutions governed by the state which means that students who attend these colleges qualify for funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme through a NSFAS bursary.

The NSFAS bursary covers more than just a student's fees as the comprehensive NSFAS funding also pays for accommodation (Depending on university policy) and a living allowance.

University students receive funding for books or a laptop, however if you study at one of the public TVET colleges you won't get NSFAS funding for books as the necessary books are given out by the TVET vocational college you study at.

Students also receive NSFAS allowances to cover other student needs.

Where to Find Details of TVET Colleges Near You?

To find a technical and vocational education and training TVET College near you visit our Where To Study directory.


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